What is Vueling airlines ticket cost

What is Vueling airlines ticket cost

Vueling airlines provide the top services to passengers worldwide. One can gather all the details online at their website and book the flight ticket. Every passenger wants to fly as per their needs. Thus, Vueling airlines allow you to choose your travel and provide multiple classes for the journey. The travel class will access the Vueling airlines ticket cost for the flight journey. You can check the below information and get a detailed description of the fare for each segment.

Passengers can choose their preferred travel seat and get the best fare accordingly. Following are the types of travel classes offered by Vueling airlines:

Vueling Airlines Basic fare

You will get the best and most comfortable flights to over 130 destinations worldwide. This includes the front and the back rows that cost from 2.09 USD one way. The flight price will depend on the destination and the number of travelers.

Vueling Airlines Optima fare

You can make your journey more comfortable with Vueling Airlines in this travel class. You can fly in the optima class and get everything you want during the travel. In this, you will get 20 percent more room of fare starting from 10.45 USD one way.

Vueling Airlines Family fare

Vueling provides more advantages to the family and offers the family travel class. This will give more space between rows 2 and 4. You can gather in one column and board the flight with your family. The flight fare can cost you around 14 USD according to the number of travelers in the family.

Vueling Airlines Time flex fare

Many commuters need flexibility and want to save time during the journey. You can reserve the time flex seats and get priority boarding to settle down first on the plane. The time flex fare will be calculated from 20.90 USD each way according to the services you need.

You can make the most of the journey with Vueling airlines and choose the best seat possible. You can select the seats at the time of booking and get the Vueling airlines ticket cost till one hour before the scheduled departure. The Vueling airlines seats include space one, space plus, space, and front and back rows.

Vueling flight cost for the changes, cancellation, and refund:

Many passengers face disturbances and unexpected issues for which they need to make changes. Vueling airlines grant you to make the changes, but you need to pay some fees depending on the travel type, as mentioned below:


  • Basic fares passengers are not allowed for free seat selection, cancellation, date change, or refund. 
  • You need to pay the charges that will compute according to the destination and number of passengers. 
  • Apart from this, you can carry one free under-seat bag on your travel with Vueling airlines.

Optima and family:

  • You can select the seats free of cost anytime before the scheduled departure. 
  • The flight cancellation and one-time change will be free of cost. 
  • Unlimited flight date changes are not permitted on the optima and family fares. 
  • Vueling airlines will issue the full flight refund to the original payment source after canceling the flight. 
  • Priority boarding is allowed to the family fare with children under the age of 2. 
  • The fees for the changes will calculate between $25 to $300 as per the destination.

Time flex:

  • Time flex has all the facilities related to cancellations, refunds, and changes. 
  • You can also proceed with the free cancellation and same-day modifications at no extra cost.
  • You only need to pay the fare difference and get unlimited changes. 
  • Passengers will not get the 25 kg checked bag per passenger.

Do I have to pay for a seat on Vueling?

You don't need to pay extra for seat selection with Vueling airlines. The actual seat prices will calculate as per the travel class and fare. Once you do the check-in, you can choose the seat as per the availability. If you cannot select the flight seats, Vueling will randomly assign you the seat.

Besides the above information, you can also communicate with someone at Vueling customer service. You need to dial the Vueling airlines contact number 011 34 931 51 81 58 and listen to the on-call instructions. Your phone will be conveyed to the representative when you choose the appropriate button. They will help you get the Vueling airlines ticket cost for your suitable destination according to the travel class.

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