How can i upgrade to Business Class Iberia

Do you want to add more comfort to your journey? Iberia seat upgrade is the best way to add more luxury to enhance your travel experience. Seat upgrade is an option for passengers who fail to select their seat in business class. You can read this article for the reference. 

What is the Iberia seat upgrade policy? 

The passengers are suggested to read the Iberia seat upgrade policy before they apply for using one of the above methods: 

  • Iberia holds the final power and can deny you the seat. Seat upgrade depends on the availability of the seat on the given day. 
  • The passenger will have to meet the fare difference. 
  • You can upgrade your seat through bidding, cash, and Avios. Or by paying both cash and Avios partially. 
  • Degradation of the seat is not allowed in Iberia. 

Can I upgrade to Business Iberia?

Yes, the passengers traveling with Iberia can upgrade their seats to business class any time after the booking. Here are several ways to upgrade your seat discussed in this section of the article. 

Upgrade Iberia by Manage My Booking

This is the most common option for passengers to upgrade their seats to business class. Get to manage my booking option on the Iberia official page and then follow the steps below: 

  • Enter the last name of the passengers along with the PNR number. 
  • Tap on Retrieve Booking and get your booking details. 
  • Now, move to the menu and select the “Seat Upgrade” option. 
  • Get a seat map, and select the seat of your choice in the business class. 
  • Now, you will have to make the payment and wait for the status. They will share the status of your request through email. 

Upgrade through Bidding System

Offer a price to Iberia Airlines through the bidding system and increase your chances of getting your seat upgraded. The price is what you are willing to pay for a seat in the business class. The passenger with the highest bid will get the seat. You can also change the bidding price to raise your chances to five days before the flight departure, and the airline will inform you four days before the flight whether your request is accepted or not. 

Upgrade using Iberia Avios

The passengers who belong to the Iberia Plus program can earn Avios points on their booking. These points can be later used to pay to upgrade your seat to business class. Your ticket must be Y, B, or H fare to be eligible to upgrade using Avios. 

Upgrade through Phone Call

Travelers who are facing any difficulty in understanding the above-given options can make a call to the airline for help. Here is how you can do that: 

  • Dial +1 800 772 4642 and connect your call. 
  • Pay attention to the IVR and press the key that takes you to the Flight Seat department. 
  • A person from the airline will now join you on the line. 
  • Talk to the agent to upgrade your seat and provide the necessary details.

Get the payment link; tap on the link to make the payment and get the details on your registered email.

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