What does XL seat mean on Iberia?

Iberia launched a new seating arrangement along with their extra addition to the economy class. The new arrangement reflects a secluded seat section with extra legroom for passengers who prioritize comfort over anything. The XL seats, which you can book immediately on Iberia’s official site, are the defined names for this seat selection due to the Iberia extra leg space availability. You can find the facility on Iberia domestic and European flights for a very feasible price. 

What are comfort seats on Iberia?

If you’re going to travel with an Economy class ticket, don’t forget to opt for the seat with extra legroom, called an Extra comfort seat in the airline glossary. These seats accommodate passengers in the most comfortable position with additional legroom and an adjustable leg rest. The preferred seats are also considered a worthy part of extra comfort seats due to the available space and legroom. 

How big are Iberia seats?

Nobody wants to book an expensive Business class ticket for a one or two-hour flight since you can not enjoy most of the benefits that come along with such a reservation. Iberia found the perfect solution to the biggest upgrade query for all short-haul flight passengers related to Iberia extra leg space.

Iberia Business, Premium Economy, and Economy class ticket costs vary from each other due to the sole difference in seat sizes and legroom in their seating arrangement, along with the additional perks that you can enjoy upon booking one of them. Iberia extra legroom seats are enough to accommodate you comfortably, as per the following seat details in different class cabins:

Business Class- The new generation A350s business class cabin at Iberia is equipped with private booth seats along with personal doors to advance your privacy and induce a more intimate in-flight experience to your entire journey. The following are the characteristics of Iberia Business Class seats:

  1. Fully flat bed up to two metres in length. 
  2. Individual touch screens and multi-touch are big enough not to strain your eyes. 
  3. Adjustable headrest, back, and shoulder pillows with massage facility.
  4. A cushion that turns into a mattress, plus a duvet, pillow, and amenity kit. 
  5. Noise Cancelling headphones.

Premium Economy Class- Iberia has equipped their A330-300s, A350-900s, and New Generation A350s with this class. The seats are loaded with a dimension of 93*44 cm. An additional charging system along with a corner for your devices is also provided to complement their pre-existing amenities. 

Economy Class- Iberia has introduced new XL seats in Iberia extra legroom seats for their economy cabins on the A330s in rows 4,5 and 6. However, the general seats accommodate the passengers with the following characteristics: 

  1. Dimensions-
  • 77-81cm (30-32 inches) between rows. 
  • 44-47.5cm (17.4-18.7 inches) seat width. 
  • 13-15cm (5-6 inches) backrest recline.
  1. Adjustable headrest with individual reading light and touch-screen at the back.
  2. Stand for electronic devices along with a blanket and pillow.

These seats can be selected only at Iberia Express or Iberia Regional Air Nostrum as they come under the advanced seat selection stance.

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