How do I change my date of birth on my Iberia flight?  

Iberia suggests multiple ventures to promote its ongoing stance on general upgrades and changes you can execute to an existing flight reservation. The changes you can perform are as follows:

  1. Change Name, Gender, Date of Birth, and other personal details.
  2. Change the date or flight, upgrade/reschedule an existing flight reservation. 

How do I change my date of birth on my Iberia flight?  

You can contact Iberia Date of Birth Change at the Customer support help desk or access Iberia to change the date of birth you entered while booking a flight via the online services provided at Iberia given below:

Iberia Date of Birth Change via online support: The online website for Iberia and the worthy email & WhatsApp support are an essential resource for Iberia date of birth change online, which you can access by following the given processes:

Iberia DOB Change via Website: Jump to the Manage your Reservations page and Iberia’s official website and access the Iberia Change/Upgrade page. Or, directly access the online query form to submit your request at Iberia on the link:, to which you can attach the relevant documents as well.

Iberia DOB Change via WhatsApp support: Access Iberia WhatsApp support at +34 676 67 60 04 and start a live conversation with someone at the helpdesk via chat support.

Through customer support phone number: Dial the helpline number 900 111 500 available on Iberia's official website assigned for the requested upgrades. The helpline number connects you to the specially designed IVR service for customer support through which you can easily toggle to live support by a consumer spokesperson for Iberia date of birth change available on the customer support page. 

What is the Iberia Date of Birth Change policy?

To gain a better understanding of Iberia Personal Infomation Change, go through the surmised guide to Iberia Change/Upgrade policy:

24/7 Modification/Upgrade policy: Iberia personal information upgrades are entitled to all passengers without an applicable change fee.

Iberia Plus Upgrades: All Iberia Plus members can change their flight itinerary and personal information by accessing customer support to shift DOB at the airline’s customer service help desk via phone, email, WhatsApp, and Iberia online website for Iberia date of birth change online. 

Change Booking Details: Iberia allows all customers to access Iberia change support at 900 111 500 if they do not have a membership subscription for Iberia Plus. 

Iberia Privacy Policy for customer information: Iberia offers an encrypted server to save your updated details in a content manner. The logs uploaded to their server are well-secured and attested by the Iberia Customer Privacy Policy.

What are the restrictions and rights entitle in Iberia DOB Change policy?

Objection/Restriction: Iberia has a newsletter service for sales and support regarding services like Change DOB, etc. However, Iberia entitles you to the right to restrict Iberia from accessing your personal information to make any commercial communication.

Portability: This right sanctions you a portability option to transfer all your data( i.e., flight itinerary and personal details) from one processor to another. 

Iberia On Business: You can exercise all these rights on as well.

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