Can I bring my dog from the US to Spain?

Yes, you can bring your pets from the US to Spain, but you need some legal documents and medical authorization to declare them safe. There are some rules and regulations that should be followed while carrying your pet. You can read them all on their official website. Or you can contact customer care to travel with your pets. 

Iberia allows pets and believes in a pet-friendly environment where they can transport your adorable pets with security and assistance. Iberia has Iberia pet policy for easy traveling with your pets, and you need to follow them all for the protection of other passengers and pets. 

How much can a pet weigh in Iberia?

Your pet can easily travel in the cabin or as baggage in the hold available. If your pet weighs up to 8 kg, including the pet pack or cage, you can take your pet with you in the cabin. Check that you have all the required legal documentation and permits. You will require confirmation from the Airlines Booking Office.

What is Iberia pet policy, rules & regulations? 

Iberia is the top-tier airline in Spain that has an extensive network and operates in Spain, Europe, America, and Asia with mind-blowing cabin services. They are a 4-star rating airline with comfy seats, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and outstanding customer care to take your problem seriously. They take care of passenger and their lovely pets throughout the journey with entertainment and special hospitality. 

Here is the list of Iberia pet policy that you have to follow to relocate your pets comfortably:

  • Pets have an updated rabies vaccination and an electronic microchip or readable tattoo on their password. 
  • You can carry only 8kg of animals on the flight. 
  • Under-age pets of three months require medical authorization to travel.
  • Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, Argentine Dogo, Brazilian Mastiff, Tosa, and Akita are not allowed in the airline.
  • Your crate must be made of solid material and have locking facilities to close your pets all the time. 
  • The crate should be comfortable according to your pet's height or weight and have space to move around. 
  • The maximum weight allowed by the airline is 45 kg (pet + crate), and if you want to send more than 45 kg of animal, then you can try WOOF Airlines. 

How to book an Iberia flight for my pet?

Booking an Iberia flight for a pet is easy and simple because you can just contact Iberia by phone number +1 800 772 4642 and ask for the pet policies and fare according to your convenience. You can check the customer’s review about policies and treatment in the cabin and decide to travel with Iberia. Iberia pet policy is simple to understand and guides your adorable pets throughout the journey to make them comfortable. 

How much does it cost to fly a dog to Spain by Iberia?

If you want to carry your dog to Spain by Iberia, then you have to pay between 90 USD to 120 USD according to your requirements, pet size, and other assessments. You can find the exact amount by asking their advisor at +1 800 772 4642 number, and you can also meet them at the airport. You can book the flight with pets 48 before departure time. For extra information about pet travel, you can scroll the website. 

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