What is Southwest airlines ticket cost

What is Southwest airlines ticket cost

Southwest Airlines is known for giving the service at a very reasonable cost. You only need to ensure that you have walked through the correct information about the ticket price. You can also utilize the deals and packages to save money. However, the most important thing you need to ensure while canceling your booking is to be aware of the policies.

How much do Seats cost on Southwest?

  • For the seat selection, you only need to make a payment of $30 to $40. Once you have made that payment, then you'll be able to get the confirmed seat for yourself.
  • Southwest airlines ticket cost has divided its fare cost into four categories. That means you'll have the option of business select, anytime, wanna get away+, and wanna get away. You can choose any of these classes as per your budget.
  • The cash price of the wants to get away will be approximately $104. This is certainly a very reasonable price compared to the other costs. 
  • For Anytime class, the average cost of the ticket is going to be $154. 
  • Business select is undoubtedly the most elite class of Southwest Airlines. The average cost of the ticket is going to cost $194. 
  • Want to get away+ going to have an average price of $120.

What cities does Southwest fly for $29?

By making the payment of $29, you can travel to New Orleans and Houston with Southwest Airlines.

Where does Southwest Airlines fly for $59?

$59 southwest airlines ticket cost will be able to take you to West Palm Beach, Cleveland, Chicago, Jacksonville, and Orlando. This is certainly very cheap and affordable.

Southwest Airlines Extra charges due to rebooking

The rebooking fee will be around $125. However, the actual cost will differ from one booking to another. To avoid the cost of rebooking, you must ensure that you have followed the cancellation policy while canceling the booking. In this manner, you'll be able to make your ticket completely refundable. That way, your cancellation will be free of cost, without any cancellation fee. You'll be able to get a complete refund in the account from which you made the payment. Now you can make the new reservation without any delay.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation charges

The cancellation charge is going to start from $50. However, the cancellation fee will ultimately depend on Southwest Airlines ticket cost. The cancellation fee will be more for an international flight or more expensive bookings. However, you can avoid the cancellation fee altogether. For that, you only need to go along with all the conditions mentioned in the policies below.

  • To make the Southwest Airlines booking refundable, you must make sure that you have canceled the booking within twenty-four hours. The other condition you need to satisfy is to ensure that the booking was made at least seven days before the flight's departure date. 
  • Once the cancellation is made, then you need to make sure that you have filled out the refund form within twenty-four hours of the cancellation.

Southwest Airlines No show up charges

The penalty for not showing up at the departure time of the flight is the amount of your ticket fare. You need to make it certain that if you have missed the flight, then there should be a genuine reason behind it. Or else you'll not be refunded for missing your flight. You also need to make it certain that you have shown proof of the genuine reason. For example - In case of death, you need to submit the death certificate to the customer service team to get a refund.

Southwest Airlines Baggage cost 

  • In case of an oversized bag or additional bag, you're going to be charged $75 per item. 
  • The limit of the checked baggage weight is fifty pounds or less.
  • The size of the checked baggage should not be more than sixty-two inches, (Length + Width+ height).
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