What happens when you miss your Ryanair flight?

What happens when you miss your Ryanair flight?

Miss flight is an exceptional situation when you have booked your flight, and on the departure date, you do not reach the airport on time. There are some policies and solutions to help the passengers in this exceptional condition as well, but you must be prepared to not miss your flight. Let's go through all the information about what happens if you miss your flight ryanair, and other related queries.

Ryanair missed flight policy

  • If you are aware that you will not reach the airport on time, you should contact the airline and inform them about your situation.
  • You will not be able to raise a refund request from the airline if you do not inform them of your flight miss.
  • If available, Ryanair will make your new booking with the next flight from the departure airport.
  • If you do not inform the airline about your flight miss, Ryanair lists you as the case of "no show", and your connecting flight will also be canceled if it is there.
  • The class of your ticket and the destination of your flight decides the charges and penalty that will be imposed on you.
  • You are not eligible to request a refund if the ticket is non-refundable. 
  • If you have a connecting flight, but your previous is delayed, due to which you miss your next flight, you can ask Ryanair to arrange your next flight.
  • If you have made your booking through a travel agent, then in this situation, you need to contact your agent first to get the information.

Do you get charged if you miss a Ryanair flight?

Depending upon your destination, whether domestic or international, and the class of your trip, Economy, Business, or First, a penalty is imposed on you. The charges vary but start from $50.

Issues and solutions for the missed flight

  • You may get stuck in the traffic, reaching the airport very late. In this case, you should have the Ryanair contact number so you can get in touch with the airline and let them know about your condition.
  • Due to a health emergency, you may miss your flight. You can reach out to the airline's helpdesk support.
  • After contacting the airline, you may choose to reschedule or cancel your ticket. After deducting the amount applied to this, you will receive your refund.

Contact Ryanair for missed flight

You may come in contact with Ryanair through the customer service portal.

  • Make a call for missed flight Ryanair # +44 127 935 8395 official, and share your ticket and flight details. Later, you may ask to reschedule your flight with a new ticket without any charges. In some cases, few charges are applied depending upon your ticket type and the destination you were flying to.
  • After canceling your flight, you may come across the online chat facility to request a refund. Visit the Ryanair official web page and reach the "contact us" tab. Watch the icon "Chat" in the blue, located in the bottom right. Click on the icon and start chatting with the Ryanair team. You may share your ticket and flight information online, and if a refund is possible, it will be shared with you.

Ryanair maintains all the services and makes them available for you every time. The airline also considers special cases and exceptional situations as they are not in control of anyone.

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