KLM Airlines seat selection

Seat selection is an important process to complete a comfortable and stress-free journey to any destination. If you are expected to board a KLM Airlines flight, and you have already booked tickets along with your friend, then you are advised to select your desired seat option in advance to avoid last-minute trouble. KLM Airlines seat selection procedure is quite straightforward and customer-friendly and can be processed using the information given below. Also, it is mandatory that customers obey the seat selection policies before picking their seats. All the amalgamation of information on KLM Airlines seat selection is provided in detail in the approaching section. 

KLM Airlines ticket types

KLM Airlines offers different ticket types to customers. Customers have the flexibility to select any of the options according to their preferences. KLM Airlines seat selection process can be finalized by making the required payment. Travelers have the following ticket types options to reserve their seats:

Economy class: The budget-friendly traveling class that can be selected by passengers. It has two seat options, namely basic economy seats and economy comfort seats. 

Premium Economy class: This traveling class provides more comfort and more choice to travelers. If any traveler selects an intercontinental flight, then he will get a separate cabin. 

Business class: Business class travelers are provided more privacy, food and drinks, and fully reclined seats. 

How can I pick my seat on KLM?

There are many passengers who, after booking a KLM Airlines flight, search for the process to select their seats. Those ticket holders might be required to follow the online steps provided below sequentially:

  • Visit the official KLM Airlines website.
  • To begin selecting your seats, you must go to the “My trips” section.
  • Now booking details must be inserted carefully to log in into your existing account.
  • When your booking itineraries are displayed, you must tap on the “select seat” option.
  • From the available opinions to your destination, you must select the most suitable seat.
  • If required, make the seat selection charges and save the information. 
  • The selected seat information will be sent to the customers on their email addresses. 

When can I pick my seat on KLM?

One question about KLM airlines seat selection that often confuses passengers is when they can pick their preferred seat option. Basically, KLM Ticket holders can pick their seats depending on their membership or traveling class. For instance, the airline permits platinum KLM members to reserve their seats anytime before boarding; on the other hand, KLM Airlines flying blue, silver, or Gold members can only select their seats between 24 to 72 hours before scheduled departure. 

KLM Airlines seat selection Policy

There is a set of seat selection policies that must be followed by passengers before selecting their preferred options. Some of the important KLM Airlines policies are mentioned below:

  • If any customer selects a seat within 24 hours of flight booking, then he is eligible to purchase the desired option free of cost.
  • Seats can only be selected by passengers if they are available on the selected flights. 
  • Sometimes customers fail to select their seats; in that case, KLM Airlines itself allocates seats to the customers.
  • Sometimes many passengers, required to book seats near washrooms due to medical reasons, must provide medical certificates to KLM Airlines to get the options for free.

Do you have to pay to choose seats on KLM?

KLM Airlines provides the most suitable flight seat options to the customers, provided that they pay the seat selection fee. The charges depend upon traveling class and the total traveling distance the passenger is traveling to. The price varies approximately from 50 dollars to 150 dollars. The exact KLM Airlines seat selection fee can be obtained online by entering complete booking itineraries. 

What is Economy Class KLM?

KLM Airlines provides different traveling class options to passengers. If you want to complete a budget-friendly trip, then you can board KLM economy class flights. This raveling class consists of the following characteristics:

  • They can carry one hand baggage.
  • Complimentary food and drinks are provided.
  • Free WIFI is provided. 

What is the premium economy on KLM?

Premium Economy class travelers are given more flexibility and comfort as compared to economy passengers. More legroom and additional in flight services are offered to the passengers. 

Points to consider before selecting KLM seats:

Some of KLM Airlines seat selection points that are important to follow are:

  • Regular or economy tickets can be reserved before check-in.
  • Loyalty program members can get discounted seats.
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