how much does it cost to upgrade on SAS

How much does it cost to upgrade on SAS

How do I upgrade SAS?

A seat upgrade is always considered the best option to travel comfortably. Sometimes you are not satisfied with your type of seat, and you need to upgrade your seat to a higher kind of seat. For that, you must book your flight reservation with SAS airlines. But customers ask how much does it cost to upgrade on SAS before the flight departure. To get the detailed information, you just need to understand the upgrade options, which are mentioned below.

Options to upgrade your seat on a SAS flight?

You will have various options to upgrade your flight seat on SAS airlines. Following are some of the ways you can easily choose to upgrade the flight seat:

Through online: You can upgrade your flight seat online through the manage booking section available on the SAS website. This is a suitable option to make changes to the seat quickly.

Through mobile app: You need to download easily the official mobile app of SAS airlines from the app store or play store and enter your booking details to retrieve the reservation. With this, you can upgrade your seat to the best available type of seat.

Through reaching the customer service: You can also dial the customer service phone number and reach the representative for the seat upgrade. To take the phone number, you need to open the SAS official contact section.

Through the airport reservation counter: You can also go to the nearest reservation department at the airport and ask them to upgrade your flight seat. You need to provide a hard copy of your flight seat, and they will help you to provide the best available flight for your destination.

Before proceeding with a seat upgrade, most of the customers ask how much does it cost to upgrade on SAS, as they need to save more on their flight seat. Seat upgrade fees will be depending on the type of seat and availability; therefore, upgrade fees will be cost between $250 and $1100. You can upgrade from economy to economy extra or business class.

The process to upgrade the SAS flight seat?

After understanding the upgrade cost, you need to perform the below steps and easily upgrade your flight seat online or reach the customer representative for how much does it cost to upgrade on SAS, and they will provide you detail information:

  • At first, you need to open the SAS airlines official website on your device.
  • Now locate my trips option available at the top of the screen.
  • After that, you need to enter the passenger’s last name with the available booking confirmation number and submit the details.
  • You will see the seat upgrade option; you need to choose the flight to upgrade the flight seat.
  • Once you open the seat upgrade option, you need to choose the type of seat to upgrade from the available options and tap on the submit button.
  • You need to make the payment required for the seat upgrade to confirm the process.
  • Once you make the payment for the upgrade, you will receive a seat upgrade confirmation message at your registered email id. 

SAS upgrade to business class points

With the above information, you can upgrade your flight seat and solve your problem of how much does it cost to upgrade on SAS and enjoy your travel journey. With SAS upgrade, you will get various benefits like fast track, SAS lounges, extra legroom, complimentary food, free wifi, three-course meals, comfortable seats, complimentary comfort kit etc.


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