How early can you check-in for Iberia?

How early does Iberia Airlines check-in work

Iberia Airlines is one of the most prominent airlines known for its smooth functioning and flexible check-in policies. Iberia Airlines provides several ways, starting from online check-in to check-in at the airport.

The check-in starts 24 hours before departure and closes 60- 90 minutes before departure, depending on your check-in option. Additionally, you must need to know many things about Iberia Airlines check-in, which you will learn in the content below. So let's get started.

Iberia Airlines Online check-in

The online check-in starts 24 hours to 1 hour before departure. Besides, here are the steps you can follow to complete online check-in:-

  • Visit the Iberia Airlines website online and log in to your account 
  • You can also use the mobile app to log in to your account 
  • Now go to the check-in option, and enter the booking details to search for the booking
  • Now select the ticket you wish to check-in 
  • Select your seat by visiting the seat selection option 
  • Now check the conditions and agree to them, confirm everything 
  • You can now follow the instruction on the screen and download the boarding pass
  • Take a printout of the boarding pass; you can get the pass by email or download the mobile pass

Check-in with Self-service Kiosk at Airport

You can travel comfortably before taking off because the airport's self-kiosk saves time and energy and makes boarding easier. Here is the quick process you can follow for Iberia airlines check-in at the kiosk:

  • Enter the identification number and provide personal information
  • You can then view the flight details on the screen, confirm it 
  • Select the seat from seat maps and mention the bags you want to check-in
  • Provide your baggage details and follow instructions to complete the check-in and print the boarding pass

Iberia Airlines Check-in at airport

You can also directly visit the airport check-in counter and proceed with the check-in. It is advised to reach the airport 2 hours before departure to allow enough time for security and check-in. You need to provide your passport, ID booking reference, and other details required by the executive.

Iberia airlines check-in policy / Rules and Regulations

  • Online check-in typically opens 24 hours before your flight and closes 2 hours before departure.
  • Self-service kiosks are available 24 hours before your flight, and check-in closes 45 minutes before departure.
  • At the airport counter, check-in closes 45 minutes before departure.
  • Passengers are required to present a valid passport or government-issued ID at check-in and when boarding their flight.
  • Iberia Airlines allows passengers to check in a maximum of 2 pieces of luggage, with specific weight and size restrictions. Additional baggage may incur extra charges.
  • Iberia Airlines offers priority check-in for premium customers and frequent flyers.
  • Passengers must arrive at the gate by the boarding time indicated on their boarding pass; otherwise, the airline reserves the right to deny boarding.

Important points to consider when checking in with Iberia

  • Online check-in is considered a convenient way; however, you must check in at the airport with a pet or other animal or if you are a minor traveling alone.
  • To check-in in on mobile, you must download the Iberia Airlines mobile app
  • You can directly proceed to the aircraft when you keep the boarding pass on your mobile. You can use a mobile boarding pass at the check-in counter and security checks at boarding. 
  • You must arrive at the gate by the boarding time indicated on your boarding pass; otherwise, the airline reserves the right to refuse to board.
How early can you check-in for Iberia?

If you check in at the airport, the counter opens 4 hours before your flight departure and closes 60 minutes before departure. Besides, in some airports, check-in opens 4 hours and closes 90 minutes before departure.

Why can't I check-in for my Iberia flight?

If you cannot check in online, there is a possibility that your airport doesn't have the option for Iberia Airlines check in online. In that case, you can visit the airport and check in at the airport counters. 

How long before my flight can I check-in online?

You can start the online check-in from 24 hours before departure to 1 hour, depending on the destination you are traveling to. 

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