How to choose a seat on Qantas?

Qantas Airways seat selection policy | How to choose a seat on Qantas?

Everyone wants to make their journey comfortable, and having comfortable seats with extra legroom and headrest can be the best way to make the journey comfortable. Qantas Airways has different seats to make the passengers' trip pleasant. If you are also wondering how do I select my seat on Qantas Airlines, then the following method mentioned below can be a big relief for the seat change process with the airline.

Qantas seat selection online using 'My Reservation'

You can make the seat selection process hassle-free by using the 'My Reservation' option provided by the airline. Do follow the given steps to make the process easy and fast.

  • Open the official website of Qantas Airlines from any of your devices, or you can use the mobile-based application of the airline.
  • Select the "Fly' tab available on the homepage header of the website.
  • A drop-down menu will appear after hitting the "Fly' tab.
  • Select the "Seat Selection' option available on the menu.
  • An interface will open where you have to fill in the details, such as the booking reference and the passenger's last name.
  • After submitting the details, a new page will appear with your reservation details.
  • Select the reservation in which you want to select the seat.
  • A list of all unoccupied seats will appear; select the seat according to your preference, make the payment if applicable, and submit it.

Qantas Airways Seat Selection Policy

Before proceeding with the seat selection, one must know every aspect of the Qantas Airways Seat Selection Policy to avoid extra charges.

  • Prices of the seat selection are subject to change. Price is applicable for all types of seat selection for extra legroom seats, preferred seats, and seats with a bassinet.
  • Passengers can purchase seat selection by using the accepted payment card or the Qantas points for the frequent traveler of the airline. 
  • Remember, seat selection is all about the subject's availability. 
  • Passengers who want to sit next to each other but make a separate booking will have to raise the request individually.
  • Passengers can select seats before the 3 hours of the flight department.
  • Remember, the traveler cannot transfer the seat selection to the other passenger.
  • Passengers traveling with the status of Premium, Gold Premium, and Platinum are eligible to change their seats free of cost.

Do you pay for seat selection on Qantas?

Seats are selected based on various factors, including comfort, legroom, proximity to the bathroom, and the food service. The seat selection is complimentary from airline's side as comfort is the primary factor in seat selection. When choosing a seat, consider how comfortable the seat is for you. Always select a seat according to the shape and shape of your body. Good legroom is necessary to prevent cramps and discomfort while sitting.

How to get the best seats?

The best way to get the best seats in an airline is to do early check-ins. Early check-ins will give you early access, which will help you to select the seat according to your preference. You can get the best seat when booking the flight. You will have various options such as economy, platinum, platinum one, and business class. Each type of class has its facility and services, and the price of each class varies. You can do online check-ins also to save time. To get your favorite seat make sure to book the flight as early as you can.

The method mentioned earlier will give you some relief on how do I select my seat on Qantas, as it is the most convenient method. One can use this method anytime from anywhere. Before using this method, grasp all the information about Qantas Airways Seat Selection Policy mentioned above to make the process hassle-free and smooth. 

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