Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport phone number

Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport phone number

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, also known as Wold-Chamberlain Field, is a Minnesota-based civil-military international airport. The airport was inaugurated in the 1920s and has been in operation since then. The airport covers a whopping 3,400 acres of land and with the average flight commute number being 721 per day. From passenger lounges to special assistance services, the airport has every facility one can expect. 

With an average of almost 750,000 passengers commuting through the airport annually, the airport deals with many passenger requests and queries. The website is well built and has an interactive real-time system showing immediate parking space available on both terminals and a list of airlines occupying the two terminals. Passengers can easily navigate through the website and find all the details related to their queries. 

If you are passengers who need the Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport phone number, then you can find the numbers and other contact details directly from the website.

Getting contact information from website

  1. Open mspairport.com on your web browser. This is the address for the official website. 
  2. Once on the homepage, look at the top left corner to find the menu option with three horizontal lines. Click on this.
  3. An overlapping panel will open up, showing you direct links to different services. 
  4. The second title says ‘At the Airport’; find the ‘Service Amenities’ link and use it.
  5. If you cannot locate this link on your web browser, type MSP Airport Service Amenities and open the official link.
  6. The first paragraph on this page will give you the airport customer communication office number. Once you have the Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport phone number, you can directly call the airport and enquire about your issue.
  7. In the same paragraph, you can find the link for the visual paging service. This link is present as a ‘visual paging’ tag in blue color.

Offline mode of contact

The fax number is also present at the bottom. You can fax your issue through this offline procedure as well.

Another offline method is visiting the support desk available at the airport. Both the terminals have their dedicated customer support teams, and passengers can visit them to remedy their issues.

Does MSP airport require Covid test?

All the airports worldwide are actively taking steps to minimize the risk of virus spread and encouraging passengers to follow the appropriate covid protocols when they travel. The MSP airport has also adopted these policies and requires the passengers to wear face masks at times except when eating at airport restaurants. If you are worried about does MSP airport require Covid test? then you can check the information from the site. The airport rapidly adopts current policies and updates all the related information on the official webpage.

Do you have to wear a mask at MSP?

The initial phase of the pandemic forced airports worldwide to make face masks and a negative covid test mandatory. As the grip of the pandemic loosens over the general population, MSP airport has declared that the usage of masks is optional for passengers. However, a negative covid test is still mandatory to fly through the airport. If the grip of the pandemic becomes stronger in the future months, the airport will be forced to reinstate the mandatory face mask law.

Apart from this, another initiative by the airport is that of the covid test facility. MSP has partnered with Wandertest to make the test accessible to everyone. Not only passengers but the general public also has access to this facility as it is set up outside the airport. As the airport has installed a formal covid-19 test team and a microbial remediation plan all over the airport, targeting areas that see large numbers of passengers every day, the passengers do not have to follow many covid-related policies apart from providing a negative test report.

For more queries related to MSP covid policies, passengers need to get in touch with the airport, either online or offline. The working hours are mentioned on the website.

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