How do I choose my seat on Emirates?

How do I choose my seat on Emirates?

Emirates is one of the great airlines known for its premium services and customer-friendly policies. The airline ensures to provide you with all the benefits that make your journey beautiful and comfortable, and emirates seat selection is one of them.

Emirates allows you to choose the seat before you fly, no matter whether it's aisle seats, extra legroom, a window view, etc. You can select your desired seat during booking or later via manage your booking, online check-in, or via mobile app. Besides, there are many important points you need to know; go through the content below to stay educated and updated.

Emirates Seat selection options and process

If you are looking forward to selecting your seats with Emirates, you can get it done during booking, later via manage your booking, during check-in, or via mobile app. Besides, here is the detailed process you can follow in choosing your seat with Emirates.

How to check Emirates seat availability over the phone.

  • Dial the Emirates customer care number 1-800-777-3999
  • You can connect with a representative by following the IVR 
  • Once connected, ask the representative that you wish to choose your seats
  • They will ask for booking details and confirm that 
  • The agent will confirm the availability; you can confirm the one you want 
  • Clear the payment, and once your seat selection is made, you will get a confirmation email

Select emirates seats via manage your booking (after booking)

  • Go to the Emirates website or locate the Manage heading, click on it
  • Under manage your booking, click on choose your seats 
  • Enter the booking reference and last name, click on retrieve booking 
  • You need to choose then the ticket you wish to select a seat for, proceed with the seat selection option
  • You need then to choose the seats from a 3D seat map and proceed further 
  • Follow the prompts, and once the seat selection is made, you will soon get a confirmation email

Select emirates seats online during check-in.

  • Go to the official website of emirates and visit the online check-in page
  • Enter the booking reference and last name to begin check-in 
  • Select the passengers you want to check in and go with the seat selection option 
  • Choose your seats for the seat map, and if you wish, you can also change the previous one
  • Follow the prompt, clear the payment, and you will get a confirmation email

Do you have to pay to choose seats on Emirates?

The Emirates seat selection fee depends on the destination, fare condition, and the cabin class you are choosing your seats from. The airline assigns seats for free automatically when you travel with infants, travel with medical requirements, or in case of disability.

Besides, if you fly in Business class saver, flex, or flex plus or fly in Premium economy, it's free to choose first-class seats. At the same time, you can select a complimentary seat during check-in 48 hours before traveling on a business special fare. The Skywards Platinum members are allowed to choose seats anytime.

In the case of economy class, the Emirates seat selection cost varies from $ 15 to $ 135, depending on the type of seats you choose.

Emirates seats selection policy

  • Emirates allows you to choose the seats during booking, after booking via manage your booking, during check-in online, and via mobile app.
  • Seat selection is non-transferable and subject to availability. You can also book nearby seats to maintain privacy; passengers with enough budget can avail of this.
  • You can book empty seats at the airport during check-in as it is subject to availability or adjacent seats. 
  • The emirate seat selection policy allows you to choose seats of your choice; a seat with a view, aisle, or extra legroom.
  • You can also choose seats for unaccompanied minors for free, or the airline will automatically assign them.
  • Seat selection is free if you book Emirates on Economy Flex, Economy flex plus, Economy saver, premium economy business, or first class.

How much time does it take to select seat on Emirates

You can choose your seats in Emirates during booking or later via the manage booking option or at least 48 hours before departure during check-in. Besides, it is advised to choose seats on time or in advance to get what you want.

  • If you are sure to select your seats, do it in advance, and best if you do it during booking.
  • Seat selections are subject to availability, and there might be a possibility if you choose it later, you don't get the desired one.
  • The emirates might also change your seat because of operations reasons and other concerns. 
  • If you pay for the seats and Emirates changes them, you will be entitled to a refund.

Is it mandatory to choose a seat in Emirates?

No! It's not mandatory to choose seats. However, if you want to get the desired seats, like; preferred seats, extra legroom seats, or seats to view, then you can make the seat selection as per your choice. In case you don't select the seats, Emirates will assign a seat automatically.

Can I Choose seats after booking in Emirates?

Yes, you can choose your seats on Emirates economy for a fee when booking your flight. Alternatively, seat selection may also be available for free at check-in, subject to availability.

Which seats are best in Emirates economy?

The best seats in Emirates economy class vary depending on individual preferences. Some travelers prefer seats near the front for quicker disembarking, while others prefer seats in the middle for easier access to the aisle. Emirates seat selection with extra legroom or near emergency exits is also a popular choice. 

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