How do I choose my seat on Azores Airlines?

How do I choose my seat on Azores Airlines?

If you are traveling on this Portugal-based airline, Azores Airlines is a three-star certified airline that flies to several destinations on international and domestic routes. If you have a booking with them, and you wish to make your trip comfortable, then you must go through the Azores Airlines seat selection process, following which you can get to choose a best-preferred seat and travel at comfort. If you are looking to get the best seat, then you can go through the information that is given in the content below.

What is the Seat Selection Process of Azores Airlines?

To choose a seat of preference after going through the policies is easy. You can opt for the online process to make the bookings. The steps you must go through are as follows:

  • Reach out to the booking from the webpage of the airline, or call 1-802-308-3150.
  • Use your booking details to retrieve your booking. 
  • On the booking page, tap on the select seat option. 
  • You will be taken to the seat map. Tap on the preferred seat. 
  • Make the payment with the help of on-screen instructions, if required. 
  • Then, you will get an email with the required details to your registered user account. 

You can also choose to make a call to the customer service of the airline and then make the required bookings by giving a call at 00 351 296 209 720. The executive shall connect with you soon to help you with the seat selection on the airline. 

What are the Seat Types on Azores Airlines? 

Emergency Exit Seats- The emergency seats on the aircraft are near the emergency doors of the airline. These seats on the airline have extra legroom, and also the front seat cannot be reclined. 

Bulkhead Seats- These are the seats with curtains ahead and no front seats, which obviously means it has extra legroom. You will be the first one to be served with food/drinks. Baby bassinets are also attached to these seats.  

Seats near galley/toilets- You should avoid these seats are they are crowded and have less reclination. These seats have limited recline because they have bulkheads next to them.

What is the Seat selection policy of Azores Airlines?

Before going through Azores Airlines seat selection, you need to know about the policies that are included in the process. The policies are as follows:

  • Seat selection depends on the availability of seats.
  • Book a seat within 24 hours of the purchase can cost no extra seat price. This is irrespective of the ticket type. The ticket must be bought seven days before the departure date.  
  • If you have an elite class booking, you can choose to make the seat selection anytime without any price. But for economy seats, you will have to pay charges after the 24-hour risk-free policy.

What is the Seat Selection Fee of Azores Airlines?

The fee to buy a seat on the airlines, through the seat selection process, differs from one seat to another. The prices depend on various aspects, such as travel route, trip type, seat class, days left for departure, etc. the details of the prices are as follows:

  • For a comfortable seat type, there is no seat selection fee. You can choose the preferred seat for free dial US 18023083150 / UK 442872019039
  • For an economy seat, the price of the ticket may vary from $50 to $560, depending on the given factors. 

When can you select a seat on Azores Airlines?

At the time of Booking: While making the booking of the ticket on Azores Airlines, you can choose to select a preferred seat and then make the required bookings. You can also make the payment along with the ticket booking for the selected seat. 

Select seat while Check-in: You can also select a seat on the airline while going through the web-check in process. Through this process, before the confirmation page, you will be taken to the seat map, where you can choose a preferred seat to fly. 

Select a seat through the normal process: You can go through the seat selection process through the manage booking US 18023083150 / UK 442872019039. You can reach the booking page and choose a preferred seat. The process is explained in the above content. 

Hopefully, the given Azores Airlines seat selection is helpful for you. If you still have any other queries, then you can choose to go through their official website or contact them for the required help. 

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