How Can i pay for an upgrade on Air Canada? 

What is the Air Canada upgrade?

With the Air Canada upgrade, you can upgrade your seat and benefit from excellent legroom space, meals, and drinks that make your journey memorable.

There are three kinds of upgrade options available on Air Canada. The upgrade options are as follows:

  • AC Bid Upgrade
  • E Upgrades
  • Last minute upgrade purchase

How Can i pay for an upgrade on Air Canada?

You can request an upgrade on Air Canada with an AC Bid upgrade. When your promotion gets approved, then you are charged with the payment.

In eUpgrade, you get an upgrade with credit points. Your ticket eligibility is crucial for last-minute upgrades, and you get to pay for the promotion. Without requesting eUpgrades, you cannot pay for the advancements in Air Canada.

What is the Air Canada upgrade process?

The process of Air Canada upgrade for all the upgrade options is discussed below:

AC Bid upgrades: To upgrade your Air Canada seat with AC Bid upgrade, you can take the following steps.

  • You can make an offer for the upgrade at any point until 48 hours left for the flight departure. You need to fill in your details in the upgrade section.
  • Air Canada will send you the confirmation email around 48 hours left for the flight's departure to let you know if your offer has been accepted.
  • If Air Canada accepts your Air Canada upgrade bid, it will appear on your boarding pass, and the amount will be deducted from your credit card.

E Upgrades: The process to get eUpgrades is as below:

  • You can request for eUpgrades when you complete your booking. You can request eUpgrades at any platform you book your ticket, i.e., whether you book online, with the help of a travel agent, or anywhere else.
  • You also get a certain amount of eUpgrades from your Aeroplan Elite status that you can use to get eUpgrades.

Last-minute upgrade purchase: You can get access to the upgrade the previous minute before the departure of your flight.

  • When the passenger web check-in on the website or mobile phone 24 hours before the flight departure, they can get the benefit of a last-minute upgrade purchase.
  • For the flight departure within Canada, at least 45 minutes before the departure.
  • For flights between Canada and the U.S., 1 hour before the flight departure.
  • For international flights departing from Canada, at least 1 hour before the flight departure.
  • Within 12 hours before the departure, at the self-service check-in Kiosk.
  • For Within Canada flights, when 45 minutes are left for the flight departure.
  • Other international flights depart from Canada at least 1 hour before their release.

What is the Air Canada upgrade policy?

The upgrade policy of Air Canada has some points, which are as discussed below:

  • For an AC Bid upgrade, passengers must make an offer 48 hours before the flight's departure.
  • You can cancel or change your offered bid if it has not been accepted.
  • The Air Canada upgrade is non-refundable once Air Canada has approved your promotion.
  • Not all Air Canada tickets are eligible for the upgrade.
  • The eligible upgrade tickets do not ensure that you will get your seat upgrade with Air Canada. Other factors, such as seat availability, class, etc., determine your upgrade confirmation.

What is Air Canada upgrade cost?

The upgrade cost in Air Canada flights depends on the class the passenger upgrades from.

  • The price range for upgrading from Economy premier to Business class is 300$ to 500$.
  • The upgrade from Economy to Business class is between 400$ and 600$.
  • This range is between 300$ to 400$ for upgrading from economy to economy premier.

Air Canada upgrade request:

Air Canada upgrade to business class:

Passengers can upgrade their ticket to business class with Air Canada once they request an upgrade to Air Canada. With AC Bid upgrade, you can bid an amount for the upgrade. If successful, your registered credit card is charged with your bidding amount. Through eUpgrade, upgrade to business class with credit points. Remember, business class seat upgrades are subject to the availability of seats.

Air Canada upgrade with miles:

With the Million Miles program by Air Canada, passengers can travel a million miles with Air Canada and can get Elite status benefits from Air Canada.

  • For this program eligibility, the miles must be earned on the Air Canada flight.
  • You will receive the welcome package, membership card, and luggage tags on reaching the million-mile milestone.
  • With the Air Canada upgrade membership cards, you can upgrade your seat with miles.

AC Bid Upgrade: Steps for the AC Bid upgrade are as follows:

Navigate through Air Canada website,

Go to the upgrade section.

Make a bid and wait for the confirmation email.

Last minute upgrade purchase: Check your ticket eligibility before the flight's departure for the last-minute upgrade. If eligible, proceed with an upgrade purchase.

E Upgrades: With eUpgrades, whether you wish to upgrade your entire itineraries or you want to upgrade only specific flight segments, you can easily do it at any point in the time. Once the Clearance window opens, and the space is available, Air Canada will confirm your upgrade. You will be on the waiting list if the Air Canada upgrade space is unavailable.

You can request eUpgrades through the following ways:

  • Through your eUpgrade account.
  • By contacting Air Canada reservations.
  • When the passenger's check in online or on their phones.
  • At the departure gate on the day of your flight.
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