Etihad Airways seat selection

Are you looking for the Etihad Airways seat selection? Then for that, here are the following details that you need to know regarding seat selection; then below is the following information that is mentioned. In this article, here are the following details that are mentioned for you to follow to learn all the things about seat selection, prices, and many more. To get all the information in detail, read this article to the bottom and resolve the issues.

Does Etihad allow free seat selection?

To know the Etihad Airways seat selection free, then yes, you will get some seat selection free of cost, or for some, you need to pay the charges. When you book the flight ticket, you will get the option to make a seat selection; then, you have to open the seat map and make the seat selection. Then all the charges that are applied to make a seat selection are applied to the ticket; when you go to the make payment option, then pay all the charges.

Moreover, on most fare types, the standard seat selection is always available free of cost for all the passengers in Etihad airline, but if you want to travel in economy (comfort) or economy (convenience), then you need to select the standard seat at free of charge when you book the flight ticket. But, if you need to add an extra legroom seat or preferred seat selection, then you need to pay the additional charges to the airline and confirm that.

 What are the best seats on Etihad Airways? 

If you are looking for the best Etihad Airways seat selection, then here are the many seats that you can select, and below are the best seat that is mentioned. You have to follow them till the end and make the selections:-

  • If you are selecting the economy flight seat, then there are many different seats that you will get with extra legroom if you want to know, then below are the following mentioned:-
  • The standard seat is around 17.5 inches wider and 31 inches pitch. The best seat that you will get is 39B/ 39C, 38D/ E/ G, and 39 H/ J will be the best with extra legroom, You need to know these seats are new exit row. 
  • The other economy class seat that you can select whose seat is around 17 inches wider and 31 to 31 inches pitched, then The best seat type with additional legroom will be row 15 is best, and also 24B/ C, 23D/ E/ G, and 24H/ J will be great for passengers.

Etihad Airways seat selection fee

Yes, you need to pay the charges for the seat in Etihad, and the seat selection on economy standard seat charges is $10; the other charges to reserve, fare, fixing date, and others will depend. Below are the following all the details that are mentioned, and you must follow them:-

  • When you book the flight ticket, then, you need to pay the charges to fix the standard economy seat, as per the preferred fare category.
  • For the standard economy chair, passengers can book their seats by paying anywhere between $10 to $30, and the differences in fare depend on routes. 
  • The Etihad Airways seat selection of the economy standard flyer is open for up to one hour before the flight is scheduled or takes off. 
  • You can also get the extra legroom seat selection at $30, but that can be up to $180, which depends on the flight routes and types that you have selected. 
  • Passenger can also reserve their chair free of cost when it is available, and for that, you need to use the online check-in windows that open up 30 hours before the flight take off. 
  • If you want to choose a neighbor economy seat, then you need to start a bid. 
  • Note that you can ask for a refund if you don’t get the same seat that you have selected, or if they provide the same type of seat at a different row, then you are not entitled to a refund.

Hope that all the details that are mentioned above related to Etihad Airways seat selection policy will be helpful and advantageous for you. There are all the solutions that you have to follow in the correct way that is mentioned. If there are any misconceptions that you want to get rid of, then read the article or directly connect with customer services. Also, remember to check out our other articles and resolve the issues. 

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