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Japan airlines name correction policy

Japan airlines name correction policy

Know can I change my name on Japan airlines

If the passenger has mistakenly booked a flight ticket with another name on Japan airlines, then there are very less chances that you can fix it. However, if the passenger has to make a correction in their name, they can do it as per the name change policy of Japan airlines. There are very few airlines that offer passengers to make changes in their name; Japan airlines name correction policy is mentioned below for reference so check it out. Always make sure to double-check your personal details while making the booking. Airlines usually let the passengers do boarding with one or two mistakes in the spelling of the name, but it’s not the same case if the whole name does not match your ID proof. 

Important points for name correction policy of Japan airlines

  1. Passengers are only allowed to change the spelling or a few alphabets of their name and surname.
  2. You cannot change the entire name on the reservation booked with japan airlines. However, you can replace only three letters from the spelling of your name.
  3. The name change process is only permitted once; you cannot make the same mistake after doing it once.
  4. Passengers are permitted to change the name on unused ticket reservations only. Once your ticket has been availed, then there is no chance that you can make changes to it.
  5. Passengers who might have faced some unplanned circumstances like a divorce from their partner and need to change their surname can contact the airlines. In such cases, Japanese airlines understand the situation and allow you to make the necessary changes in the reservation.
  6. There is no fee charged on the name correction if the passenger is making quick changes within 24 hours of booking. 
  7. You might get charged a nominal fee while making changes in your name after 24 hours of booking.
  8. People need to show the necessary identification documents to request the airlines for a name change on tickets.
  9. In case of divorce, a proper legal certificate is needed as proof of the name change.

Steps to correct the name of the passengers on Japan Airlines:

  1. First and foremost, visit the official website of Japan airlines.
  2. Locate the manage booking option from the menu and click on it.
  3. Enter all the required details like reservation number and passenger name.
  4. Click on the find booking option to get your flight details.
  5. On the next page, select the reservation that you wish to make changes to.
  6. Now find the modify button and make the changes to your name spelling. 
  7. Keep your ID proof handy in case the website asks. 
  8. Double-check your name and click on submit button.
  9. The updated ticket will be sent on your registered email id. 

On the other hand, if the process given above is not working out for you, and you have to change the entire name of the passenger on your Japan airlines reservation, then you need to cancel the booking. Try to rebook your flight again. The name change is not permitted by Japan airlines, so passengers are required to cancel their booking. The above information with Japan airlines name correction policy will guide you easily and for a more detailed guide, you call the helpline number anytime.

Connect to Japan Airlines for more information

This information will help you with the name correction process and policy of Japan airlines. Besides this, passengers are free to contact the Japan airlines customer service team through call support’, live chat, and email. The customer care team is available all days of the year to help you regarding anything. 

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