What is Aeromexico ticket cost

What is Aeromexico ticket cost

Aeromexico is known for its luxurious and comfortable flight among its passengers. The Aeromexico ticket cost varies from place to place, depending on your flying cabin. To learn about tickets and different charges applied by Aeromexico, you can proceed further in the blog.

How much do Seats cost on Aeromexico?

The essential requirement of a passenger is to have a nice, comfortable seat during their journey while flying with any airways. Aeromexico provides its customers with the best seats to make their trips memorable. You can choose your seats with Aeromexico when you pay a little extra.

The cost of seats on Aeromexico has a different price range. It depends on what seat you want to have during your journey. The seat cost range on Aeromexico is mentioned below:

  • For the business class in Aeromexico, the cost is 100 to 120 USD.
  • The cost varies between 50 to 80 USD for economy or standard type.
  • Business or economy premier classes range from 180 to 200 USD.

How do I find the price of a plane ticket?

If you are planning to travel and you want to check the price of a ticket before you plan your trip can find the price of a plane ticket as you follow the steps given below:

  • Navigate through Google flights in the flight section of Google.
  • Choose the departing and arriving destination you are planning your journey to. Then choose the cabin and class.
  • If you plan to travel on a specific flight, choose that flight. In the case of Aeromexico, you can select it.
  • Then click on track prices. The Aeromexico ticket cost will appear on your screen.
  • You will receive an email from Google when the price of the flight drops.

How much does an economy seat cost?

The cost of an economy seat in Aeromexico depends on the distance traveled and the date you travel.

Aeromexico all-class ticket cost: All-class ticket costs vary depending on the distance traveled and the days you plan to take the flight.

The two main cabins resent in Aeromexico are:

Business class: business class is the luxury cabin of Aeromexico. The price for the ticket may vary from 600 to 1100 USD. 

Economy class: Economy class tickets with basic facilities in Aeromexico may vary from 300 to 500 USD.

Charges imposed due to rebooking:

  • With Aeromexico, if the passenger cancels their flight within the timeframe and rebooks their ticket, they don't apply any charges for the first change. 
  • But if the distance changes and the price increases, you need to pay the extra charges for rebooking. 
  • But the cost change of Aeromexico flight may vary from 200 to 300USD.

Charges imposed due to cancellation:

  • Aeromexico does not apply any cancellation charges on cancellation within 24 hours of booking a flight ticket.
  • After that, the costs may vary from around 200 USD per person.

Aeromexico refund charges:

  • Aeromexico gives a 100% refund on consolation within 24 hours of flight booking. 
  • Passengers can receive a refund in the original form of payment within 12 months after they submit their refund form. 
  • Aeromexico may apply cancellation charges of 200 USD on cancellation after 24 hours of the grace period. 

This amount will be deducted from the refund that the passengers have requested. The refund is deposited to passengers through e-vouchers or electric vouchers. The electric vouchers are valid for one year. The electric vouchers can only be used one time.

No show up: If the person doesn't show up at the airport, they cannot get the refund and are eligible to get their flight canceled. Aeromexico does not apply any charges on A show-up. However, if a person requests a refund after flight departure, it is not eligible.

Aeromexico excess baggage charges: Aeromexico charges the extra cost of additional baggage depending on its routes. The charges for additional charges for luggage to different paths are mentioned below.

For the US route: 1st piece: $30

                             2nd piece: $55 

                             3rd – 4th: $180

                             5th – 6th: $200

Within Mexico: 1st piece: 600 MXN to 800 MXN

                          2nd piece: 1,000 MXN to 1,100 MXN

                          3rd – 4th: 2,200 MXN to 2,400 MXN                 

                          5th – 7th: 3,600 MXN

Aeromexico provides customer service to its passengers if they want to know any query about Aeromexico. If you have any questions regarding Aeromexico ticket cost or about the charges that Aeromexico applies on rebooking, cancellation, etc., you can contact the customer representative of Aeromexico.

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