What happens when you miss your flight with Air Canada?

What happens when you miss your flight with Air Canada?

Air Canada is a very popular airline in Canada. Many people who travel from or to Canada prefer to take it. It is a very busy airline, and many people sometimes miss a flight for any reason. They want to ask What happens if you miss your flight with Air Canada ?. This blog will explain that briefly and will clear all your doubts regarding the same.

Now, if a flight is missed, you have to ask the airlines to rebook the flight or refund the money, and they will ask for a valid reason. You have to prove your point, and you will get a refund, or you will be booked a seat for the next flight. If you miss the flight with the airline because of the traffic, then the airline will mark you as no show and will cancel the entire itinerary.

Air Canada Missed Flight policy  

  • Air Canada missed flight policy allows its esteemed customers and clients to rebook the flight if they missed the original for any reason.
  • The airline will place the concerned passenger on another available flight to the same destination and route.
  • The only condition is that visitors can rebook the flight to the same destination under the same fare class.
  • Significantly, it would help if you informed the airline as soon as possible about your late arrival or you won't be able to catch the flight. It allows the carrier to think about your case to obtain the best scenario for you.
  • Further, Air Canada might try to give you a seat on the next flight, but the condition is if you reach the airport within 2 hours after the original flight's departure.
  • If you reach the airport and initiate the rebooking request beyond the stipulated time, Air Canada will consider it a 'No-Show' and cancel the booking.
  • What if Air Canada cancels the flight itself? All passengers are eligible to capture refunds or alternate flights at no additional cost.
  • The Canadian aviation corporation will include a visitor on the stand-by list when they reach the airport within two hours after departure.
  • Moreover, when you miss the last air Canada flight of the day, the airline will serve you on the first flight of the next day. It all depends upon the availability of seats, however.

Is there a fee for missing a flight? 

There is no fee for missing the flight.

Issues and solutions to missing flight

  • Issues of missing flights can be many depending on the reasons. Some of the common problems will be as follows.

  • You will lose the money on the ticket.

  • You may miss an important meeting, which can be a company meeting or any business meeting, and it will also have its consequences.

Solutions to missing flight


  • It's eligible only if there was a fault of the airlines.
  • If there was a valid reason you can submit the proof of your missing the flight, then airline can give you the money 


Your flight ticket will be booked by the airline.

Penalty for missing flight 

There will be no penalty if you miss the flight, and there was a genuine reason behind that. If you are ill, you can give the medical report to the airlines, who will refund your money, or they will either reschedule your flight or rebook it at a lower rate than before. 

  • Air Canada has a policy for no show, which is
  • Air Canada will be free to cancel your flight if you cannot make it to the airport before the flight departure.
  • The no-show Air Canada policy of the airline mention that the customer will not receive any refund.
  • On the flip side, a person can achieve a seat on another flight if the person manages to approach the airport within 2 hours after departure. 
  • When you miss the flight due to bad weather or other natural disasters, you will earn a refund or a seat on the next available flight.
  • A refund can also be in the form of a credit voucher from airlines.
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