what happens if you miss your flight sun country

What happens if you miss your flight sun country

It happens, don't worry! You are not alone who has missed the Sun country airline flight. And sun country airlines know best that things happen; there are emergencies that a passenger has to encounter time and again. They are fully prepared for situations like these and always provide the best services to their passengers. If you want to gather complete information about what happens if you miss your flight sun country? Then, stick to this page till the end, and you will get the entire service; you don't need to go elsewhere.

Missing your Flight is a possible scenario, and there are rules and protocols with the same. You can refer to the information below, and it will help you when you miss your Flight as the missed flight policy is mentioned below:

Sun Country Missed Flight Policy

Missed the Flight because of your fault.

So, when you have missed a flight because of your own fault because you arrived late at the airport. The first action should be to inform the assistant at the help desk. If the assistant knows that you are going to be late and you have the chance to miss your Flight, then they will help you in the best possible ways. They might put you on the standby list. The standby list offers you accommodation on the next immediate Flight, and you will get to fly quickly. And, the chances of it increase when you have canceled your Flight because of any medical emergency, accident, injury, 

Missed Flight because of the airline's fault.

So, when it is the fault of the airline, then you can rely on them to provide you with all of the services. What happens in this situation is that you will get the compensation first, and then, they will have to provide you accommodation on the next immediate Flight of Sun Country Airlines.

Missed a Flight because of the bad weather

When it is bad weather, and you happen to drive late to the airport, then you will have the option to apply easily for the flight rebooking option. And, when there is bad weather, Sun Country Airlines will understand your problem and will provide you with the utmost assurance that you can rebook your Flight.

Solutions to when missed your Sun country flight.

Sun Country Airlines is not brutal to not provide you with a solution when you have missed your Flight. The best possible answer to the same is to rebook your flight ticket. But for rebooking, you first have to let the assistant know that, yes, you have missed your Flight, then they will allow you to go for the flight rebooking.

It can be done through the official website method. You will see the Manage booking option. Fill in your booking code and then your last name. Then, you will see your flight details, and you will be allowed to rebook your Flight.

Is there a fee for missing a flight? 

Yes, there is a fee for missing a flight, but not everyone has to pay it. Only the passengers who don't inform the assistant before they happen to miss the Flight are to pay the penalty because they then fall under the "no-show policy." The fees vary for all of the different passengers, as the fare type, class/cabin, and all other flight details are different for all of the passengers. But the general price for missing your Flight is $ 300 - $ 400 per direction.  

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