What days does United Airlines fly to Ghana? 

United Airlines flight to Accra Ghana

United Airlines is one of the best-known airlines that provides nonstop flights to Accra, Ghana. All the relevant information about the United Airlines flight to Accra, Ghana, is described in the article below. You can refer to the following and plan your journey better if Ghana is on your travel bucket list. All the important questions are answered below.

What days does United Airlines fly to Ghana?

United Airlines facilitates direct flights functioning from the USA to Ghana. The United Airlines flight to Accra, Ghana, operates all days of the week except for Tuesday. There are three weekly United flights operating from Washington Dulles and Accra. 

The flights will operate on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays eastbound and on Monday, Thursdays, and Saturdays westbound. So if you are planning to visit Ghana from the USA, then you can plan your journey according to the scheduled flights on the prescribed days. United flights are nonstop, so they take less time to cover the distance between the point of origin and the destination.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Ghana?

Ghana is considered to be a tourist favorite all around the year due to its natural attractions & beaches.

Many passengers try to find the cheapest time to visit Ghana even though it is very difficult to answer this question, but generally, off-season months like February and March are a little less expensive as compared to the other months when Ghana is a favorite tourist hotspot.

So in case, you wish to book cheap flight tickets to Ghana, avoid the peak season, which is from July to April. Also, you can consider the following hacks to book cheap flight tickets to Ghana:

  • Book your tickets in advance: don't wait for the last-minute flight reservation.
  • Always compare your flight ticket prices on the sites before making a final reservation.
  • Search your flights in the Incognito mode as it does not save cookies; therefore, the price displayed are less compared to the price shown in general mode.
  • Always plan to travel during the off-season.
  • Be flexible with the date and time of travel.

Which airlines fly direct from the USA to Ghana?

In case you are searching for the answer to the above question, then there are mainly three airlines that provide nonstop flights from the USA to Ghana.

These airlines are :

  • United Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Air France Airlines

If you wish to travel by direct flight, you can choose any of the options mentioned above.

If you choose United Airlines, then you must board from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), and if you opt for Delta Airlines, then John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York will be your boarding point. Both of these flights travel to the main Kotoka International Airport (ACC) in Accra.

How much does it cost to fly from Accra, Ghana?

The price of flight tickets from Ghana depends on many factors, including the boarding point and destination station, travel date, and whether the time you are planning your journey is peak season or off-season. The rough approximation of the flight ticket price starting from the two main USA boarding stations, namely Washington and Newyork, is described below:

  • If you are anyhow planning to board a flight from Washington to Accra, then United Airlines Economy flights start from $1178 roundtrip.
  • And a business class from $ 5237. 
  • If you happen to plan to board a flight from Newyork to Accra, then United Airlines Economy flights start from $ 1460 round trip.
  • And a business class from $ 3357. 
  • Always keep in mind that this is just the cost approximated and is subject to change depending on availability and other factors.

Are there direct flights to Ghana?

Yes, there is a direct United Airlines flight to Accra, Ghana. If you want to travel to Ghana, you can choose any of these united flights that operate almost every day of the week except for Tuesdays.

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