What are Allegiant Airlines ticket prices?

What are Allegiant Airlines ticket prices?

Allegiant Airlines have economy class and business class. The prices differ and depend on many factors, such as distance covered during the flight, seat selection, cabin passenger traveling, etc.

Allegiant Airlines economy class ticket price

The introductory economy class of Allegiant Air has standard seats, and the rest of the facilities are limited as compared to the business class. An economy class Allegiant Airlines ticket price is between 50$ and 80$. Passengers should remember that the prices may vary.

Allegiant Airlines business class ticket price

The business class of Allegiant Air provides extra comfort, baggage allowance, and extra room to the passengers. Business class has a bit pricey tickets compared to economy class. You must pay a ticket price per person between 80$ and 120$ to travel in business class of Allegiant Airlines.

Along with the ticket price, Allegiant Airlines may impose additional charges to the passengers (if applicable), which are discussed in the section given below:

Allegiant Airlines rebooking charges

  • No extra charges are applicable when a passenger cancels their flight in 24 hours and rebooks the flight to the same destination.
  • Although if the flight cancels beyond 24 hours by the passenger, you must pay rebooking charges between 30$ and 50$.

Allegiant Airlines cancellation charges

Flight cancellation within 24 hours of booking has zero cancellation fee. Note that the time left for the Allegiant flight to take off must be more than seven days at the time of Allegiant flight booking. If the time left for the flight departure is less than seven days, they must pay an amount of 25$ per person per segment.

Flights canceled after 24 hours must pay around 25$ per person per segment.

Allegiant Airlines Refund charges

  • Within 24 hours, cancellation gives a full refund on the ticket when passengers travel with Allegiant Air.
  • After 24 hours, Allegiant air provides a refund with the travel band credit score.
  • The refund is only on the new share of the ticket and after excluding taxes.

Allegiant Airlines No-show charges

  • The ticket price is non-refundable for the no-show on Allegiant Airlines. Allegiant Airlines becomes invalid and has no value if the passengers fail to show to the airport.
  • Allegiant Airlines deducts all the ticket fare in case of a no-show.

Food and beverage charges:

Allegiant Air offers food and beverages on flights, and the costs are between 2$ and $8.

Pet-in-cabin charges:

  • Allegiant allows domestic pets in the cabin, such as cats and dogs. Along with Allegiant Airlines ticket prices, the amount imposed is 50$.
  • Allegiant takes no charges for the animals traveling with disabled passengers.

Boarding pass printing:

  • Passengers must pay 5$ for boarding pass printing at the airport.
  • Passengers should check in online and bring a printed copy to avoid these charges.

Electric carrier usage:

The electric carrier usage charges include the ticket price per person per segment. The electric carrier usage charges are 22$ per person per segment.

Call center booking fees:

When a passenger books their Allegiant ticket with the help of a call center or website, they must pay 14.99$.

Allegiant Airlines baggage charges

Allegiant Air applies different charges depending on the weight and size of the bag. Each person is allowed one personal and one carry-on bag.

  • Personal bag: A personal bag with a maximum size of 7*15*16 inches is allowed, and no charges are applicable on this site.
  • Carry-on bags: the size allowed without charges is 9*14*22 inch is permitted. After this, Allegiant imposes costs in the range of 10$ to 75$.
  • Checked-in bags: The size allowed is 80 inches in height, length, and width. After this, the charges are imposed as follows:
  • For baggage between 18kg to 32 kg, the charge is 50$.
  • For baggage between 32kg to 45.5kg, a charge of 75$ must be paid by the passenger traveling with Allegiant Air.

How much for seat selections on Allegiant?

  • Passengers who select a seat must pay Allegiant Airlines ticket prices and also seat selection charges.
  • For economy, the price for seat selection is between 10 and 20$.
  • For extra legroom, the passengers of Allegiant Airlines must pay around 24$ to choose a seat.

Does Allegiant make you pay for carry-on?

While traveling with Allegiant Airlines, a carry-on bag with size 9*14*22 inch is allowed without extra charges. But if the allowed limit exceeds, Allegiant will impose additional costs on the carry-on bags. The charges applicable by Allegiant Airlines will depend on the size of your bag. The charges imposed on carry-ons will range between 10 and 75$.

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