Royal Jordanian Airlines seat selection

The passenger may want to get a preferred seat for their travel. There are three types of windows, middle or exit row. The seat price depends on the route, cabin class, or seat type. You may have to pay the highest amount for the emergency seat. The price can vary over various factors.

What is a preferential seat on Royal Jordanian?

Royal Jordanian is an eminent airline in Jordan. The Airline has a well-spread network across the world. The Airline offers various services to its passengers to make their journey comfortable. Now, suppose you have booked a reservation with the airline and want to get a seat of your choice. With Royal Jordanian, you get an option to select a preferential seat, where you can select a seat for yourself according to your convenience. You can inform yourself all about Royal Jordanian Airlines seat selection from this article.

How do I choose my seat on Royal Jordanian?

Royal Jordanian offers its passengers the to select a seat of their preference while making the reservation. However, if you forget to Royal Jordanian Airlines seat selection step and want to add it later. You can do it by following the procedure below:

  • Visit the Homepage of Royal Jordanian.
  • Search for the “Manage my Booking” option on the page and click on it.
  • Now, put the passenger’s family name and booking reference number and click on the retrieve booking.
  • You will now get the details of your booking. Head towards the menu and tap on the seat selection.
  • The Airline will provide you with a seat map. Select the preferred seat and click to get the payment options.
  • Make the payment, and the airline will add the seat number to your ticket and share the details with you through your registered email ID.

Royal Jordanian seat selection options

The passenger may be looking to get a seat for a comfortable journey. There are various ways through which a passenger can add a seat to their ticket. These options are mentioned here:

While Booking- The passenger gets an option of Royal Jordanian Airlines seat selection before making the payment. Follow the normal booking process and get a seat map before the final transaction. Royal will add the price to your ticket if you choose a preferred seat. Complete the transaction and get your selected seat on the airline.

Through Online- The passenger can get a seat from the online process. For this, they need to visit the Homepage of Royal Jordanian and select the seat selection in the Manage Booking. After this, continue with the on-screen instructions and get a seat of your choice.

Through Mobile App- Most airlines have their own app. Royal Jordanian is one of them. You can use their app for various purposes, and seat selection is such a service that can be enjoyed from their app.

At the Airport- The passenger who does not select a seat can get the seat at the last moment. Ask the airline’s officials for a seat during check-in. They will give you a seat map, select the seat, make the payment, and get your boarding pass with the seat number.

Royal Jordanian seat selection policy

Sometimes, a passenger may want to select a seat for a comfortable journey or a medical reason. There are some guidelines for the seat selection of Royal. A passenger must first fulfill these conditions to reserve a preferred seat. Read the points below and Royal Jordanian Airlines seat selection policies and make the reservation accordingly:

  • The passengers will have to pay to choose a seat for their travel. The price of the seat may vary. You will have to pay the highest for the emergency seat.
  • If you apply for an emergency seat and you do not meet the requirements, Royal will deny you an emergency seat.
  • If you do not select a seat while making the reservation apply for a preferred seat after the booking. However, seat allotment depends on various factors; thus, the airline does not guarantee seat allotment.
  • If you do not select a seat while booking or afterward, manage to book. Royal Jordanian will automatically allot you a seat.
  • If a passenger cancels their booking, they are not entitled to a refund on their paid seat, or if they shift their booking to the next best seat, they will have to pay the new price for the chosen seat.
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