Japan Airlines Yamagata phone number 

Japan Airlines can be contacted from Yamagata by using any of the channels of communication provided by the airline that are given below. The different mediums the passenger can get connected to Airlines in less time anytime when needed.

How do i contact Japan Airlines from Yamagata?

If you want to know how do i contact Japan Airlines from Yamagata? the customer service number can be used to make a call to contact Japan Airlines from Yamagata. It is one of the quickest and most preferred ways to get in touch with the airline. After dialing the number, you have to follow the IVR instructions to reach an agent. The agent will require the booking details like name and reference number to provide the best service possible and resolve your query.

Contact Japan Airlines from Yamagata via official website

You can visit the official website to contact the customer service team at Japan Airlines from Yamagata by following the steps below.

Get to the homepage jal.co.jp and select the option “contact us” to get the contact details of the airline.

You may use the most relevant number to get a solution to your query.

Japan Airlines from Yamagata email address:

Customers can send an email to the address jal_priority/@/ask.jal.co.jp if they do not want to use the Japan Airlines Yamagata phone number to get in touch with the airline from Yamagata. You must mention the details like name, number, and email address along with your message to get a reply within 5 - 10 days.

Destinations covered by Japan Airlines from Yamagata?

The destinations from Yamagata with Japan Airlines are listed below.

  • Seol
  • Philadelphia
  • Chicago 
  • Asahikawa

What are the arrivals to Yamagata with Japan Airlines?

The arrivals to Yamagata with Japan Airlines are given below.

  • Tokyo
  • Osaka
  • Honolulu
  • Fresno

Japan Airlines Yamagata Airport Policy

Time limitations:

  • You have to clear the security screening at least 20 minutes before departure and be at the gate at least 10 minutes before departure.
  • The check-in counters open approximately by 7:50 a.m., and passengers should arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to long-haul flights and 2 hours prior to short-haul flights.
  • If you have baggage to check-in, you must arrive at the counter at least 30 minutes before departure.
  • Passengers traveling with pets must arrive at the airport at least 40 minutes prior to departure. For more assistance, you can call the Japan Airlines Yamagata phone number and speak to an agent related to your travel.
  • For travelers with sports equipment, the processing of the check-in formalities will take an additional 5 - 10 minutes. You have to be at the counters at least 45 minutes prior to departure.
  • If you are traveling in a group, you have to arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before departure as it may take some time to check in all the members of the group.


  • The number of seats in the cabin determines the size of baggage you can carry in the cabin.
  • If your baggage exceeds the maximum size limitation, or if the baggage is oversized and overweight, it should be checked in the cargo hold.
  • For any lost or found item/baggage, you must report the incident at the office at the airport.

Other points to consider for Japan Airlines Yamagata Airport

  • At the security checkpoint, passengers have to remove shoes, laptops, phones, jackets, and liquids in a tray for the screening.
  • Passengers in a wheelchair will get assistance from an agent at the airport during the security check.
  • You can use the touch-and-go service for a smooth boarding experience. You can go to the boarding gate directly if you do not have check-in baggage. You can talk to Japan Airlines customer service Yamagata to help you with the boarding process if you need extra assistance.
  • During the flight, passengers must follow the safety rules and regulations. You should keep your seatbelts on at all times. Cabin baggage must be stowed properly under the seat or in the overhead bins to avoid any issues during the flight.
  • You cannot smoke in the aircraft as it is prohibited.
  • You will be required to keep your electronic devices switched off when the flight attendants ask you to.

The information will be useful when you want to contact Japan Airlines customer service Yamagata and you are traveling to and from Yamagata. If you need any other help, visit the official website or call the customer service number.

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