How do I contact Japan Airlines Narita Airport office phone number?

How do I contact Japan Airlines Narita Airport office phone number?

Suppose you are ready to catch your flight with Japan Airlines, and when you reach the Airport, you are informed that your flight is delayed for four hours. So, regarding this, you want to complain to the Airline and want compensation for that. For complaints, feedback, or any queries, you can connect with Japan Airlines by using the enormous option and get the answer you seek. And to know about those answers, you can stay on this page for a while.

How do I contact Japan Narita Airport?

To take advantage of Japan Airlines customer services, you can connect with them by using the Japan Airlines Narita Airport office phone number +81 476-34-8000 and reach out to the executive of the Airline and ask any questions. Still, it should be related to your travel and the calling information is below.

Japan Airlines Narita Airport office in Tokyo details

Japan Airline at Narita Airport official address: 1-1 Furugome, Narita, Chiba 282-0004, Japan

Japan Airlines phone number: 1800 102 4135

Narita Airport phone number: +81 476-34-8000

Airport code: NRT, RJAA

Working hours of Japan Airlines Narita Airport: Japan Airlines customer services are open 24/7,

To check Flight status at Japan Airlines: To check your Japan Airlines flight status, you can either call the Japan Airlines Narita Airport office phone number or you can check it on the given link.

Baggage services of Japan Airlines: To confirm your baggage limits, you can contact us through various, or there is a link where all the information is mentioned. You can click on that link and get your queries solved by the Airline related to baggage. If you exceed the baggage limits, you need to pay extra for that. And the information related to baggage is mentioned below. 

Inquiries for baggage:

Email your query to the Japan Airline: To contact, send your query to at this Email address. Through Email, they will provide you with all the information and give you suitable answers. But if you send your queries by Email, then it is possible that it will take to revert the Email. 

Connect through social media: When in doubt, then do not hesitate to clear your queries and get the answer related to that. To clear your query, send a message to them on the social media handles of the Airline, and they will reply to you by providing the information that will be suitable to your query. So, to contact you directly through social media, click on the link below.




What terminal is used by Japan Airlines at Narita Airport?

If you have a flight with Japan Airlines, then you have to reach Terminal 2. But you should also contact the Airport to confirm the terminal to avoid any last-minute mishappenings.

Japan Airlines Narita Airport policy, rules & regulations

There are some rules and regulations at the Airport that you need to learn or understand if you are visiting Narita Airport. And those are mentioned below.

  • Do not carry any restricted items at the Airport, like firearms, fireworks, or knives. You may need to submit it at the Airport. 
  • You need to put your laptop in a different bag so that there is no chance of any damage.  
  • Passengers who are carrying liquids with them are requested to carry them in zip-top bags. 
  • Cooperate with the security at the time of security check. 
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