Japan Airlines Komatsu Airport office phone number

How do I contact Japan Airlines Komatsu Airport office phone number?

Suppose you have booked a Japan airline flight ticket and chose Komatsu airport to fly with. Now you want to cancel your flight ticket because your grandmother has expired; regarding this, you want to communicate with the Airport Authority of japan airlines. To contact japan airlines Komatsu Airport office phone number +81 761-21-9803 dial the number and ask them to help you resolve your query. You can also contact the airport and the airline through live chat, social media, and by emailing their official email id.

If you are unable to contact the airline through their provided phone number, you can contact them on their social media account. The link to the social media account of the airline is as follows:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JapanAirlinesWorldwide/?m=footer

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/japanairlines/?m=footer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JALFlightInfo_e?m=footer

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/japanairlinesworld?m=footer

How do I contact Komatsu Airport?

You can call Komatsu airport at their official phone number, +81 761-21-9803. The airline staff is available 24 hours to assist every passenger visiting the airport. The airport is neat and clean and provides immense facilities to its customers. You can also send them an email at the email address e120800@pref.ishikawa.lg.jp. Within 14 days of sending your query, you will receive a response from the airport side. You can also contact the airport with the help of the method mentioned below. Visit the airport in case the query needs to be resolved face-to-face

Japan Airlines Komatsu Airport office details

Airport Name: Komatsu Airport

Address of Komatsu Airport: Ukiyanagimachi, Yo−50, Komatsu, Ishikawa, Japan, 923-0993

Komatsu Airport Phone number: +81 761-21-9803

Country: Japan 

Komatsu Airport Code: KMQ

Website link of Komatsu Airport: https://www.komatsuairport.jp/

Opening & Closing Time of Komatsu Airport: The airport remains open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  


Airport Terminal: 1 Terminal. This terminal handles domestic and international flights.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kmq.komatsuairport

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/kmq.komatsuairport

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kmq.komatsuairport

Japan Airlines Komatsu airport policy rules & regulations

Reading the laws and regulations and the airport policies is essential to avoid any mishap at the airport. The rules, regulations, and policies are framed so that everyone and everything at the airport works smoothly.

  1. Passengers with laptops should keep them in separate bags. 
  2. Cooperate with the staff of the airport and the airline during the whole journey.
  3. Do not carry any item that is prohibited by the airport authority. 
  4. While security check-in, remove your jacket, belt, shoes, wallet and bracelet. 
  5. Reach the airport at the right time to avoid any hassle. 
  6. A checklist should be prepared before reaching the airport.
  7. Follow the covid-19 protocols. 
  8. Test yourself two days before the departure.
  9. Carry all the documents that are required at the entry of the airport. 
  10. If you notice any suspicious activity happening around you, you must inform the airport authority. 
  11. Take a photo of your checked luggage. 

Which Airlines fly from Komatsu Airport?

The Komatsu airport is a hub for both domestic and international flights. The airlines that fly from Komatsu airport are as follows:

  • Ibex Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Air Do
  • Japan Airlines JAL
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • Japan Transocean Air
  • EVA Air

Which Airlines land at Komatsu Airport?

The airline that lands at Komatsu airport is as follows:

  • EVA Air
  • Air Do
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Japan Transocean Air
  • Japan Airlines JAL
  • Ibex Airlines

Services provided by Komatsu Airport?

Komatsu Airport is known for providing excellent services to its customers. The airport’s hospitality is commendable and is praised by all the passengers that visit the airport.

  1. ATMs/ Cash Machines: ATMs are available in the airport, but remember that fees may apply. 
  2. Currency Exchange: The currency machine is available at the airport. 
  3. Duty-free & shopping
  4. Nursing room, baby changing table and a bench. 
  5. Foods and drinks.
  6. Information Desk. 
  7. Luggage Storage & Lockers – Luggage lockers are available. 
  8. Mobile Charging slots. 
  9. An observation deck is also available at the airport so that passengers can chill and watch planes taking off and landing. 
  10. Internet
  11. Police and security
  12. Baggage packing
  13. Call center
  14. Lounges, VIP lounges
  15. Last-minute tickets
  16. Bar and restaurant
  • Customer Reviews
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