Japan Airlines Kaohsiung phone number

Japan Airlines Kaohsiung phone number

Japan Airlines is an international airway providing various services and facilitating passengers. People who live in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, sometimes plan to go out somewhere for holidays and vacations. So, they can book their reservation on Japan Airlines since it departs and arrives in Kaohsiung. Passengers who have already made their reservations with Japan Airlines sometimes face issues and problems with their booking and traveling, so they might think of one question: How do I contact japan airlines from Kaohsiung? to sort out their problems? People who want to contact Japan Airlines from Kaohsiung are requested to read this document to learn how to connect with their customer service team.

How do I contact Japan Airlines Kaohsiung office in Taiwan by phone?

Japan Airlines provides various ways to contact their customer service department through Live chat, Phone calls, social media, email, and contact forms. Most people prefer the phone call option since it is effortless, wherein you must call the customer service team. Suppose a person from Kaohsiung faces any issue or wants to know some of their flight-related details. In that case, they can call Japan Airlines Kaohsiung phone number - +886 7 803 9416 (for English and Chinese language) to speak with the Japan Airlines supervisor directly.

  • Once you dial this phone number - +886 7 803 9416 from your phone, then you will hear pre-recorded call instructions.
  • Press the 1 key for booking.
  • Press the 2 key to get assistance with existing booking.
  • Press the 3 keys to report an issue.
  • Press 4 to ask any questions.
  • Press 5 to connect with the live agent.

Does Japan Airlines Kaohsiung provide Live chat?

Yes, if a person gets any questions on the official web portal of Japan Airlines related to their booking, they can ask their question through the help of Live chat. With the help of the chat box, you can contact japan airlines customer service in Kaohsiung to resolve your queries. Still, you need to follow the instructions to operate this option:

  • Go to the official portal of Japan Airlines.
  • Then, you need to click the “support contact” option from the top of their screen.
  • Afterward, you will redirect to the next page, wherein you will see the chat box in red color in the below corner of your screen.
  • Tap on the chat box.
  • Then, you can write your question.

Other options to contact Japan Airlines from Kaohsiung?

If a passenger cannot reach Japan Airlines through the Japan Airlines Kaohsiung phone number for some reason, they can use social media and email.

  • You can follow the official pages of Japan Airlines on different platforms by logging in to your account and can also send messages.
  • Go through their official website to submit the email form by filling in your personal information.

Japan Airlines Guidelines:

Japan Airlines provides some terms and conditions to passengers which apply to their traveling and booking. If they face any query in their traveling, they can contact the japan airlines customer service Kaohsiung to get a solution for their problems.

For flight cancellation:

  • When you cancel a flight within 24 hours of purchasing the booking, they can receive a full refund.
  • After 24 hours, passengers may need to pay a cancellation fee.
  • After flight departure, no cancellation is allowed on Japan Airlines.

For Baggage:

  • If you exceed the limit of your checked baggage more than the specified limit, you need to pay some Overweight fees.
  • You can carry one checked and one carry-on baggage.

For check-in:

  • You can do web check-in 24 hours before your scheduled flight departs.
  • For international flights, arrive 3 hours before scheduled departure.
  • For domestic flights, arrive a minimum of 2 hours before the flight departure.

Some destinations covered by Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines flies to various destinations domestically and internationally. Some destinations are China, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, France, Greece, Germany, India, and others. 

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