Japan Airlines Honolulu International Airport office phone number

Japan Airlines Honolulu International Airport office phone number

Suppose you have booked a flight ticket with Japan Airlines through the Honolulu international airport travel. Now you are facing issues that assist you in connecting with them. For that, you need to get the japan airlines Honolulu International Airport office phone number (1) 808-831-4141 and dial that number to get connect with the services to send them all the queries and instantly fix all the problems that appear.

How do I contact Honolulu Airport?

In this article, you will get all the information that is needed, and for that, you have to read this article to the bottom and follow all the steps that appear to connect with them and resolve all the issues.

Japan Airlines Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii details

Here are the following all the details that are mentioned below for you to get connect with them. Read all the below-mentioned details regarding Honolulu international airport:

Airport name - Honolulu International Airport

Address- 300 Rodgers Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96819, United States

Airport code- HNL

Contact number- (1) 808-831-4141

Baggages services-  (808) 836-6683.

Terminals- Terminals 2.

Email address- airvisitinfo@hawaii.gov

Official website- https://airports.hawaii.gov/hnl/ 

Flight status- https://www.goindigo.in/check-flight-status.html 

Online check-in- https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/our-services/at-the-airport/check-in/airport-check-in 

Manage to book- https://www.airindia.in/manage-booking.htm 

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/JapanAirlinesWorldwide

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/japanairlines_jal/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/JALFlightInfo_e

Which terminal japan airline honolulu international airport:

Here are the following terminal that you need to know which is used by the japan airline Honolulu international airport, below are the following that mentioned and follow them correctly:-

  • Terminal 1 is for use by Hawaiian Airlines. 
  • Terminal 2 is through japan airlines and many other airlines that are there. 
  • Terminal 3 is for ukulele airlines.

Japan airlines honolulu airport rules and regulations:

Here are the following all the common rules and regulations that you need to know to get connected with them, and below are the following that are mentioned for you and that will assist you in understanding the rules and regulations:

  • The initial step is to follow the covid-19 rules and regulations. 
  • Before reaching the airport, you must make a checklist and ensure that you take all those things. 
  • If you are carrying your laptop with you, then it is essential to make a separate bag for that to carry. 
  • You have to reach the airport earlier, and for the domestic airport to reach 2 hours before, and for the international flight, you need to reach 3 hours prior to the departure. 
  • Also, for any liquid, aerosols, and gel, you must carry a zip-top bag with you to put them into it. 
  • You have to cooperate with the Honolulu International Airport customer service at the time of checking in and remove your jacket and shoes. 

Services that are provided by Honolulu international airport

Here are the following all the services that are mentioned below for you that assist you in getting the benefits that are provided by the airport when you reach there, below are the following that mentioned for you:

Manage booking: Suppose you are there and want to get assistance. In that case, there is much assistance that is available, and they are ready 24/7 to assist their customer in making changes in booking, trip information, adding or removing flight-related services, and other amenities. Also, passengers can assist through the website or phone by visiting the manage sections.

Baggage allowance: You must allow for the checked baggage separately through the airline website or the official contact number and check-in at the airline counter. There are many different baggage rules that you need to follow to get more information, and you can directly get connected with them through an online site or contact number.

Lost and Found: If your flight is lost or missing at the airport, then you need to go to the ground level of terminal 2, which is opposite that. Or you can contact the japan airlines Honolulu International Airport office phone number (808) 836-6683. They are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Hopefully, all the information that is mentioned above is related to the japan airline Honolulu international airport. If you are facing any other doubts or want to clear the misconception, you can directly get their official contact number and connect with them. Finally, enjoy the travel with them and resolve the problems. 

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