Japan Airlines Gimpo Airport Seoul office in South Korea phone number

Japan Airlines Gimpo Airport Seoul office in South Korea phone number

Gimpo International Airport is known as one of the finest airports in Korea that provides its services to millions of people every day. If you want Gimpo Airport authorities to listen to you because you have some problem, then you can dial the Japan Airlines Gimpo International Airport office phone number +82 1661-2626, or there are other ways too that you can use and get the answer to your query. You can ask queries related to baggage, terminals, and many more. And all the information related to that is mentioned below. 

Japan Airline Gimpo International Airport Office in Seoul South Korea Details

If you have any problem, you can get your Airport authorities' help by using the Japan Airlines Gimpo International Airport office phone number. They will help you with everything, and also they will give you the related information. And the related information is mentioned below. 

Airport name - Gimpo International Airport

Airport Address- 112 Haneul-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Phone number- +82 1661-2626

Airport code- GMP

Working hours- 24 hours

Terminals- Terminals 2, 2nd floor

Lost and Found number- +82-02-2660-4097

Email address- jal_priority@ask.jal.co.jp

Official website- http://www.airport.co.kr/mbs/gimpo/

Flight status- https://www.jal.co.jp/en/flight-status/inter/sp/search/ 

Online check-in- https://checkin.si.amadeus.net/static/PRD/JL/#/identification

Baggage-   https://www.jal.co.jp/jp/en/inter/baggage/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/JapanAirlinesWorldwide

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/japanairlines_jal/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/JALFlightInfo_e

You can also contact them directly at the official address of the Gimpo International Airport. That you can send a handwritten query, or you can visit them at the Airport. Also, you must have a proper address as you must go to the Airport at the time of departure. So here is the address mentioned. 

Gangseo District, Seoul, South Korea

Flight status: It is possible that you booked your flight the last time and faced a problem finding a ticket, which is why the Airline put you on hold. You can check your flight status just by clicking on the link below but in most cases, you will get a confirmation message from the Airline. Click on the link below.

Baggage services: You must carry limited baggage if you are booking a flight with any Airline. And if you exceed the limit, you should contact customer service and ask them to increase the baggage limit, which will cost you more. So, to know about the information related to baggage you can read, take the help of mentioned information. 

For the lost and found inquiries: It is quite common among passengers that they lose their important luggage at the Airport or the luggage is lost due to the mistake of the Airport authorities so, for that you can register a complaint to customer service. If your baggage is lost at the Airport, shuttle, or any Airport restaurant, then they will find that for you, and you can collect it after 14 business days.

Email your query: Also, use the Email to send your query. Simply open your mail and write this email address jal_priority@ask.jal.co.jp and send it to customer service. You will get a reply from the Airline within seven business days.

Connect through social media: Take your help from the Airline or at the Airport by sending a message on their social media sites and get an instant response from them. You can easily send it as every social media handle has the option of a message that can be used for asking queries.

Gimpo International Airport Policy Rules & Regulations

Here are some rules and regulations mentioned: read them thoroughly so that you can not make any mistakes.

  • Take your corona test reports as it is required at the Airport. 
  • Do not take off your mask. 
  • Co operates at the time of security check. 
  • Do not touch anything at the Airport without the permission of Airport authorities.  
  • Keep your phone on silent. 
  • Get your health screening done at the Airport. They will measure your temperature and everything.

What terminal is used by Japan Airlines at Gimpo International Airport?

You need to reach terminal R1 to catch your flight at Gimpo International Airport or contact Gimpo International Airport customer service if you want to confirm your terminal. 

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