Japan Airlines Gimhae International Airport office phone number

Japan Airlines Gimhae International Airport office phone number

Japan Airlines has multiple arrivals and departures at Gimhae International Airport. If you have a flight with the airline, you must have the contact details like the japan airlines Gimhae International Airport office phone number +82 1661-2626 handy with you to have a memorable experience. Whether you need special assistance at the airport, you want to make a complaint, or share your feedback; you can easily get the task done by reading further along.

How do I contact Gimhae International Airport?

You can call the customer service number and speak to a representative by following the recorded voice instructions. You must keep any relevant documents handy in case the agent asks for a relevant detail regarding your query to assist you in the best way possible.

Alternatively, you can use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect with a representative. It is simple, quick, and easy to use to get a solution to your query. Hundreds of customers get in touch using social media on a daily basis. You can send a message after you follow the airport on the platforms.

Japan Airlines Gimhae International Airport office details

Airport Address: 108 Gonghangjinip-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, South Korea

Code: PUS

Airport Phone number: +82 1661-2626

Airport official website: http://www.airport.co.kr/mbs/gimhae/

Lost and Found: +82-51-974-3776

Medical Office: +82-51-974-2888 Gimhae International Airport Hospital (Floor 1, Domestic Terminal), Phone number:

Luggage storage Facility:  +82-70-4186-1250/+82-70-7703-4040

Lost and Found information: (Floor 1, International Terminal) Tel. +82-51-899-7245

Airport Police: Domestic Terminal +82-51-974-2403, International Terminal +82-51-974-2432

Security Control Department:  Tel. +82-51-974-3373

Gimhae Airport Weather Service: Tel. +82-51-941-0365

Japan Airlines customer service number:1 (800) 525-3663

Japan Airlines official website: jal.co.jp

International Terminal Pharmacy: Located on Floor 2, International Terminal, Tel. +82-51-973-7022 and Domestic Terminal Pharmacy at Floor 2, Domestic Terminal, Tel. +82-51-973-5378

Cultural Heritage Appraiser Office: Floor 1, International Terminal, Tel. +82-51-973-1972

Email address- jal_priority@ask.jal.co.jp

Flight status- https://www.jal.co.jp/en/flight-status/inter/sp/search/ 

Online check-in- https://checkin.si.amadeus.net/static/PRD/JL/#/identification

Baggage-   https://www.jal.co.jp/jp/en/inter/baggage/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/JapanAirlinesWorldwide

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/japanairlines_jal/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/JALFlightInfo_e

Gimhae International Airport policies, rules, and regulations

  • Passengers must follow the airports’ policies, rules, and regulations listed below to have a pleasant experience at the airport and avoid any problems.
  • You must carry all the travel documents with you to avoid any issues before and after the flight.
  • If any passenger is carrying a prohibited item that is found in the security check, they are notified so that they can choose to either give them to a friend or family member, bidding them farewell at the airport, or they can check in the luggage.
  • If a passenger is found with a prohibited item and they have little time left for departure, the item must be destroyed, donated, or discarded. You will not get the item back after coming back to the airport.
  • You can check the list of prohibited items on the official website or call the japan airlines Gimhae International Airport office phone number to avoid any last-minute hassles at the airport in regard to prohibited items.
  • If you want to carry any liquid in the cabin for an international flight, it must be put in a container smaller than 100ml, which should be in a 1-liter zipper plastic bag. 
  • If the liquid exceeds 100ml, it should be placed in your luggage during check-in at the airline counter.
  • For domestic flights, you should be at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight and 3 hours before international flights. 
  • There are paid waiting rooms, a disabled facility, and free Wi-Fi service at the airport for the passenger's convenience. In the paid waiting room, you will get TV, FIDS, and beverages. There are braille blocks, elevators, sanitary facilities, and accessible parking spots for passengers with disability at the airport.
  • Charging stations are available at the airport.
  • You can book rental cars or opt for public transportation at the airport.
  • For any lost and found item at the airport, you may contact the lost and found item to track the item and get an update.
  • Hotel booking can be made for a comfortable stay.

What terminal is Japan Airlines at Gimhae International Airport?

Japan Airlines uses both terminals at Gimhae International Airport, which are Domestic and international.

With the information above, you can contact Gimhae international airport easily. If you need any other help, you may visit the official website or call the customer service number.

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