Japan Airlines Akita Airport office phone number

Japan Airlines Akita Airport office phone number

Suppose you want to travel from Akita Airport and would like to make your bookings on a Japan Airlines flight. Then you need to check the scheduling flights of Japan Airlines from Akita Airport to know whether a flight is available to your desired destination. You may reach Akita Airport customer service if you require assistance from a real person. The official can provide you with information related to bookings, baggage, check-in, or about the different policies if you ask.

How do I contact Akita Airport?

If you would like to be assisted by a person for your support and want to collect information that concerns your travel, then you must use the Japan Airlines Akita Airport office phone number +8118-886-3366 to reach a live person. You can ask the queries you had from the person that connects with you on the call.

Japan Airlines Akita Airport office details

Here are some of the details listed of Japan Airlines Akita Airport office that you may need for your travel:

Airport name: Akita Airport

Airport Address: Japan, 〒010-1211 Akita, Yuwatsubakigawa, Yamagomori−49

Akitna Airport phone number: +8118-886-3366 

Airport Fax Number: 018-886-3050

Airport Code: AXT

Working Hours: 24 hours

Airport Terminal: not specific

Airport Official Website: https://www.akita-airport.com/ 

Airport Email: info3@akita-airport.com

Flight status check: https://www.jal.co.jp/en/flight-status/inter/sp/search/ 

Online check-in: https://checkin.si.amadeus.net/static/PRD/JL/#/identification 

Manage Booking: https://www.jal.co.jp/jp/en/guidance/dom/reservation-confirm/ 

Baggage Services: https://www.jal.co.jp/jp/en/inter/baggage/

Baggage Services: If you need to contact a person to grab information related to the baggage, then you can connect to customer service at 1800-102-4135 and take the info you need. You can also go to the link below to obtain the baggage service information.

Join on Social Media: You may consider joining with a live person from Japan Airlines on the social media channels to take the information you need to fly from Akita Airport. You can find the social media links on the Japan Airlines website at the end of the page

Which Terminal is Japan Airlines at Akita Airport?

Japan Airlines uses the 1 Terminal mainly at Akita Airport. The arrivals and departures of a flight are scheduled at the same terminal. However, you must check your flight ticket to learn about which terminal has been assigned for your flight. In some cases, the terminals are changed by the airport.

Akita Airport Policy, Rules & Regulation

If you fly with Japan Airlines from Akita Airport, then you should be aware of their policies, rules, and regulations for better travel and complete your journey without any hindrances. Read below to learn about those important policies:

  • Passengers must carry the items in proper bags for check-in convenience, such as a laptop should not be carried on a flight without any bag, and snack items should be packed in a carry bag.
  • Cooperate with the staff at the airport and follow the guidelines during your journey.
  • It would be best if you carried a zip-top bag to keep your liquids, gels, and aerosols.
  • Check out the requirement for Covid test results for your location, as it is mandatory to travel to some countries. 
  • Keep all of your documents in one place with you so that you can show them to the officials if asked for any verification.
  • You need to remove jackets and shoes while doing the security check-in at the airport. To avoid this case, add TSA pre-checking before boarding your Japanese Airlines flight. 
  • You need to take your passport, visa, and other documents if you board an international flight.

Points to Consider at Japan Airlines Akita Airport

There are a few points that a passenger should consider when they travel on a Japan Airlines flight schedule from Akita Airport, which is given below:

  • You should reach the airport early from the boarding time to go through all the check-in points smoothly. You can consider reaching the airport 2 to 3 hours early as per your flight.
  • To save your time from check-in, you can consider doing the online check-in as it will save a lot of your time and will avail the boarding pass within a few minutes.
  • Take advantage of the self-check-in service available at the airport to save yourself from the long queues.
  • You can use the Japan Airlines Akita Airport office phone number whenever you face an issue during your travel or to solve an urgent query with the help of a live person.
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