How to get cheap Japan flights

How to get cheap Japan flights

Japan, one of the safest countries regarding safety and security, welcomes its tourists friendly and courteously. It is even one of the oldest civilizations that has a diverse culture. If you have plans to visit Japan on a low budget, you must go through the following content. 

What month is the cheapest to fly to Japan?

Japan is considered one of the safest tourist countries, with a very low crime rate. To visit Japan, you must know that the residents of Japan leave their houses unlocked for safety in the country. Children also are safe on the subways all by themselves. Many visit this country for the oldest civilization and the breathtaking scenic views. The best time to fly to Japan is in September and October. The given months are considered the high seasons to travel to Japan. But if you want to enjoy Japan's scenic beauty and look at the cheap months, booking cheap japan flights is during July.    

Where is it cheapest to fly into Japan?

If you are flying abroad as a tourist to Japan, you must pass to Tokyo for the best connectivity. Yet, there are some cheapest airports in Japan where you can choose to fly, which are listed as the most affordable places to fly in Japan. These airports are as follows:

Tokyo Haneda: It is one of Japan's cheapest airports to fly into the country. 

Osaka: It is one of the rarest places with a good blend of authenticity and culinary excellence. It comes second in the race of cheap airports in Japan. 

Tokyo Narita: Maximum of travelers from the US get into the country through this airport. This airport is situated at the heart of the capital of the country. 

Tokoname: It is a small and compact international airport considered one of Japan's cheapest. 

Fukuoka: Though last on the list, it is also a cheap airport. The place holds some ancient spring festivals that attract many tourists.

What is the cheapest airport to fly to Tokyo?

The airport that offers cheap japan flights is the Tokyo Narita Airport. Most travelers traveling to Japan from the US prefer this airport. It is 64kms away from central Tokyo. All the major airlines fly to this airport for the low prices and people's preference for this airport. This is your destination airport if you are visiting Tokyo for tourism purposes. Not only US passengers but people from other countries also prefer to travel to this airport. 

How much does a trip to Japan cost for one week?

A trip to Japan can cost you as much as possible and also if you want to make the least you can go for the cheapest options. A week trip can cost you as little as a total of 2 lakh for one person, including food, sightseeing, air travel, and accommodation.  

Tips for cheap flights 

To book cheap japan flights, you must know some tips. These tips are explained below:

  • Look for the low fare calendars to avail the cheapest of flights. You can find the best fares from the low-fare calendars. 
  • It would help if you compared the prices of flights before finalizing them to avail yourself of the cheap flights. You can compare the tickets from different airlines. 
  • Look for budgeted airlines to lessen the air travel fare. Low-cost airlines are best in such cases. You can also look for the ratings of these low-cost airlines to get the luxury and comfort you wish for in your travel. 
  • Travel during the off-season to avoid the high rush of tourists, which eventually increases airline fares. 
  • Book the ticket on the weekdays to avoid the high prices of the tickets. You must choose to book your reservations on Tuesdays. As on Tuesday generally, the airlines have offers and discounts. You must also be flexible with dates to avail yourself the cheap flights.
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