How do I choose seats on Aegean Airlines?

How do I choose seats on Aegean Airlines?

If you are a travel freak and want to enjoy your travel time with Aegean Airlines, selecting a seat in advance can save you many troubles. You might end up in a seat you do not like. It can be the middle seat. You may assign seating far from your travel partner, a seat with no window or less leg space. Take advantage of the Aegean Airlines seat selection facility to avoid these troubles. Passengers who skip the seat selection option will get random seats at the time of check-in.

Options for seat selection at Aegean Airlines

If you are wondering when you can select your seat and what options are available for the seat selection, here is the list:

  • Seat Selection while booking online.
  • Seat selection after booking through the “My Booking” option.
  • Seat selection while Check-In.

There are various options available for you to select a seat on the Aegean Airlines website. The process of all the options is provided separately for you below:

Process to choose seat on Aegean Airlines during booking

Aegean Airlines allows its customers to choose a seat at the time of booking. Passengers can purchase a flight ticket, choose a preferred seat, and pay as required. The required steps are mentioned below:

  • Go to the Aegean website on your device,
  • Search with the required details,
  • Choose a flight to book,
  • Add passenger detail,
  • Then tap on the “Seat Selection” button before going to the payment page,
  • A seat map will pop up on your screen,
  • Choose the seat you prefer on the Aegean Airlines flight,
  • Now, continue to the payment page,
  • Make the payment and complete your online booking.

Process for seat selection on Aegean Airlines after booking

For the benefit of the passengers, Aegean Airlines has provided the seat selection option after the booking with the help of the “My Booking” option on the homepage. If you have missed the seat selection step or changed your mind, then get on the Aegean website and follow the provided steps:

  • Log in on the website with your registered account,
  • Click the “My Booking” option,
  • Your booking will show on the page,
  • Choose the option “Baggage and Seat,”
  • Then further select the Seat map,
  • Pick your desired seat on the map,
  • Pay the charges, if required, for the seat selection,
  • Then the seat will be reserved on your Aegean Airlines flight.

Procedure to select a seat during check-in

Passengers can choose their preferred seat with the web check-in. At the time of the check-in process, you can opt for the Aegean Airlines seat selection option and get a seat as per your choice before obtaining the boarding pass. Adhere to the steps and choose your seat along with completing the check-in:

  • Open the Aegean Site on your device,
  • Select the “Check-In” option on the homepage,
  • Add your booking reference and last name in the provided columns,
  • Hit the Continue button,
  • Now, choose the option of Seat Selection on the Check-In page,
  • Then pay the charges if imposed on your flight,
  • Complete your check-in by pressing the provided button,
  • Download your boarding pass.

Aegean Airlines Seat Selection policy

If you want to benefit from the Aegean Airlines seat selection, consider the policies written below:

  • A seat can be selected till you print your boarding pass.
  • Each seat has different charges and is assigned as per the availability.
  • The premium members get the preference on seat selection.
  • If a passenger skips the seat selection, they will get assigned a random seat.

How much does it cost to select seat on Aegean Airlines?

The seat selection cost at Aegean Airlines varies depending on the flight routes and types. For business class passengers, choosing a seat on their flight is complimentary. Seat selection costs for economy class:

Light: The seat selection charges fall under 1€ to 11€.

Flex: The seat selection charges for Flex ticket holders are 5€ to 15€.

Comfort Flex: The comfort flex passenger seat selection cost will be 12€ to 28€.

How much time does it take to choose seat on Aegean Airlines?

  • The seat will be assigned at the same time as booking by opting for the seat selection option.
  • After the flight ticket purchase, passengers have time till one hour before departure to select a seat. 
  • The check-in starts 48 hours before the flight departure. 

If you cannot use the online options for selecting a seat at Aegean Airlines, then you can request a preferred seat at the airport from a representative. The representative will check the availability and assign you a seat as per your choice with the seat selection charges. 

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