How much do Spirit airlines seats cost?

How much do Spirit airlines seats cost?

Spirit Airlines offers different seats to its passengers that you can opt for at the time of booking and during check-in. The cost of Spirit Airlines seats are as below:-

  • No charges apply when Spirit Airlines assign you a seat at the check-in
  • Requested seat assignment or regular seats cost around $ 1 to $99.
  • For Big Front seats, if you choose in advance, it costs around $12 to $ 500
  • For Big Front seats, depending on flight length, if chosen during onboard upgrades, it costs around $ 25 to $ 250.

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost airline in America known for its best services and reasonable prices. Spirit Airlines ticket prices vary based on the distance, route, and time of booking. In case you plan to fly via Spirit Airlines and are wondering about the spirit airlines ticket cost, you will get to know about everything in the article below. Besides, you will learn other charges that Spirit Airlines imposed in different conditions. So let's get started.

Spirit Airlines does not offer premium economy, business, or first-class tickets like other airlines. However, you can pay a little extra for extra legroom or opt for different seat options to make your journey beautiful and comfortable. Spirit Airlines ticket costs start from as low as around $ 30 per person for a one-way trip and vary depending on several factors.

What is a standard ticket on Spirit airlines?

The standard tickets are the basic fare of Spirit Airlines, including the most standard seat and one personal item. The dimension of personal bags should be 18" x 14" x 8" or smaller. The standard tickets do not include refreshments, seat reclines, wi-fi, etc. This is why Spirit airlines ticket costs for standard tickets are the lowest. If you want to increase the legroom or make the journey more comfortable, you can always opt for the big front seats.

Does Spirit charge for boarding pass?

You can download the boarding pass for free when you check in online. Once you get the boarding pass, take its printout for free at your home. However, if you fail to get the boarding pass online and take the printout out at an airport kiosk it will cost you around $ 2.

Spirit Airlines rebooking Charges

  • If you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of biking and departure is after seven days, Spirit allows you to rebook the flight free of cost. 
  • No charges are applied if you rebook a ticket or change it 60-plus days from departure. 
  • It costs around $ 49 if you make changes within 7 -59 days from departure and around $ 99 if you change booking within 0-6 days from departure.

Spirit Airlines cancellation Charges

  • No cancellation fee is applied if you cancel the booking within 24 hours of ticket purchase or cancel it 60 plus days from departure.
  • The cancellation fee of around $ 49 applies if you cancel the ticket within 7- 59 days from departure.
  • The fee of around $ 99 applies if you cancel the ticket within 0-6 days from departure.

Spirit Airlines Refund Charges

You get a full refund if you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking, and departure is seven days away. 

Once the 24 hours pass, you need to pay the cancellation charges, and the remaining value you get is in the form of reservation credit.

Spirit Airlines No-Show Charges

The Spirit labels you as a No-Show in case you miss the flight. Passengers labeled as no-shows don't get refunds, and the ticket value is forfeited.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Charges

  • Spirit Airlines allows one personal item size 18" x 14" x 8" or smaller. If you add checked Baggage during booking, it will cost around $ 26 for the first bag and $ 36 for the second one. 
  • Adding a checked bag at the airport costs around $ 36 for the first and $ 46 for the second. 
  • Overweight checked bags that weigh around 41 to 50 pounds cost $35 extra. It costs around $ 60 extra for checked bags 51-70 pounds and an additional $100 when checked bags are 71-100 pounds. 
  • It costs around $ 100 extra when the oversized bags lie between 63 and 80 linear inches, and special items cost an additional $150 when they lie over 80 linear inches.

If you wish to get the exact spirit airlines ticket cost, go to the booking page and provide all the information. You can follow a general booking procedure and get the price details on the payment page. In addition, you can call Spirit Airlines' customer service number, 801 401 2222, and speak to the live agent directly.

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