How much baggage is allowed in japan airlines?

How much baggage is allowed in japan airlines?

Japan airlines always take care of all the passenger's needs and requirements and offer services accordingly. They provide the maximum luggage that every passenger can carry on the journey. You need to go through with the check baggage allowance with japan airlines before the departure and take it accordingly. For this, you can see the below steps to know about all the general conditions:

Carry on luggage:

For all the flights with japan airlines, passengers are allowed to carry on board one bag with personal belongings like a shopping bag, handbag, etc. You can also carry an additional bag that contains the following requirements:

  • The size must be within 55cm x 40 cm x 25cm in length, width and height or in 22inch x 16inch x 10 inch.
  • The maximum weight of both bags must not cross 10 kg or 22lbs.
  • If the carry-on luggage exceeds the given requirements, it will be unable to be stowed in the cabin and proceed to be checked in the cargo compartment.

Checked luggage:

To board the flight with japan airlines, you need to follow the below baggage allowance for the checked luggage:

  • For the passengers traveling in the first class or business, class is allowed to carry three bags per passenger. The weight of one bag must not exceed 32 kg or 70lbs.
  • If you are boarding the flight in premium economy or economy class, you can carry two bags per passenger. The weight will be 23 kg or 50lbs for each bag.
  • The total outside dimensions, including wheels and handles, can be 203 cm in length, width, and height.
  • If your baggage crosses the general rule for free bags, you must pay additional charges to carry the bag. The extra cost will calculate according to the route and bags.

What is a 2pc baggage allowance?

  • According to this rule, if your itinerary is marked with the code 2pc, you can carry two pieces of bags that can be a maximum of 23 kg in weight. 
  • But if your flight itinerary is marked with the code 3pc, you can hold three pieces of bags on your journey with japan airlines. The weight of each bag must not cross 23 kg accordingly.

How many hand carry-on Japan Airlines?

Minimum three bags of 23 kg each are allowed with the japan airlines on an international journey. Hence, you can cross the general limit in which you are allowed to carry a maximum of 10 bags of 45 kg each. 

Moreover, you can also connect with the customer service team of japan airlines to know about the baggage. They will help you understand the maximum luggage for the domestic or international journey. Hence, to get in touch with the representative, you can see all the methods on their contact page.

Is japan airlines strict with baggage?

Japan airlines are not that strict with bags as they take care of every need and requirement. They allow you to carry three bags on the journey with a weight that does not exceed 32 kg for each bag. 

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