How do I use AirAsia Travel Voucher?

How do I use AirAsia Travel Voucher?

AirAsia provides outstanding onboard services to its passengers. They provide a comfortable and hassle-free journey. They also provide vouchers to their customers in case any of their flights are delayed, or they have an overcrowded flight. Most people are not aware of the vouchers or how a travel voucher works? AirAsia provides travel vouchers to their passengers, which have to be redeemed first in order to use them. The process of redeeming vouchers is very easy. You can use these vouchers to book your next flight or purchase other stuff. However, they are valid for a short duration of six months and cannot be used after that. You can only use your voucher according to the voucher policy of Air India. You can follow the given course of action to learn about the policy of AirAsia Voucher:

How do I redeem my AirAsia voucher?

  • After getting this voucher, you will receive a code, and after redeeming it, you can purchase products.
  • The voucher is also valid at
  • If you are looking for partial redemption, then it is not allowed.
  • The voucher is valid for six months.
  • If you have failed to redeem your voucher before its expiry date, then it will be considered expired.
  • You will not be granted any refund or replacement against your voucher. You can not even cancel your voucher.
  • You can only use the voucher one time and only to the limit it has; if you purchase over the limit, you must make an extra payment to the BIG.
  • You cannot change your voucher in exchange for another voucher that has a different denomination.
  • The voucher is equivalent to cash, but no refund will be entertained for a voucher.
  • The terms and conditions of the voucher policy are subject to change without prior notice. BIG is not responsible if you are not aware of the terms and conditions.
  • If there is an issue concerning vouchers, then the decision of the BIG will be considered final.
  • If there is any defect or deficiency from the participating merchant, then BIG will not be considered responsible.

The process of redeeming the AirAsia voucher

If you have received your AirAsia Voucher, then you must redeem it so that you can use it for shopping or booking flights. You can follow the given instructions to redeem your AirAsia voucher:

  • You have to open the AirAsia Super App and sign in to your account.
  • Now you can select the “redeem” tab to go through the deals within your preferred category.
  • Select “redeem now,” and it will take you to the confirmation page.
  • Select “confirm.” and your voucher is successfully redeemed.

How does a travel voucher work? 

Normally if your flight is delayed or canceled, AirAsia provides you a voucher that has multiple uses, but you can only use it for a certain time period after which it expires.

You can use your Travel voucher for booking a flight or at other merchant stores that have partnered with BIG.

Can travel vouchers be transferred?

Travel vouchers can only be transferred to another person if he has made a reservation with you in AirAsia. 

You cannot even exchange it with another person who has the voucher with the same denomination.

Can travel vouchers be refunded?

Travel vouchers are not refundable in any case. They will not be a replacement or cashback. You cannot cancel your voucher even if you want to cancel it. BIG does not provide this option.

AirAsia provides you a voucher if your plane has been canceled or it is delayed by more than 4 hours. You have the choice to either take the refund or voucher. If you choose to take a voucher, then it will not be refunded. At the same time, it has an expiry date as well. You have to use your voucher within the time period. You can redeem your voucher through their App. You can use your voucher efficiently if you are familiar with the voucher policy of AirAsia.

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