How to bid an upgrade with Japan Airlines?

How do you get an upgrade on JAL?

The airline allows passengers to upgrade to any class higher than the current ticket class. So essentially, every type of ticket can be upgraded to first-class. However, you can only use this if the flight you want to travel with has a first-class cabin. Only then can you upgrade to first class. 

An upgrade is always about moving towards a better version of something, a product, or a service. The same goes for the airlines. When you want to upgrade your flight experience, there are different things you need to keep under consideration before you make the final call. You can do this by using the following information, which will start with How do I upgrade on JAL and what policies will govern this upgrade. 

If you are facing difficulty with the process, or need assistance, dial 1-800-JAL-FONE (1-800-525-3663*) to connect with support executives and get the help you need.

How to bid an upgrade with Japan Airlines?

To upgrade your seat on Japan Airlines, call 1-802-308-3150 or follow the bidding process. This method allows passengers to bid for upgrade and put the bidding amount they find fit. The airline decides which passengers have won the bidding, and then that passenger gets the desired upgrade. 

  • The first step is not something you can do by yourself. This will come from Not every flight is eligible for an upgrade. If your ticket is eligible, the airline will contact you via mail.
  • When you follow the link through the email, you will reach the bidding page, where you need to select the higher ticket class for applying for an upgrade. Select your preference. 
  • Fill in the details for the upgrade form, and mention the amount you wish to bid for. Then submit this form. 
  • Now enter the credit card details and submit the form. 

To fully understand the process and the variables involved with the question Can I upgrade my flight after booking? , you need to go through these policies:

  • You can only apply for the seat upgrade if your flight is eligible for the process and you receive an email from the airline. 
  • You have the freedom to cancel the upgrade and ask for a refund up to 48 hours before the departure. 
  • You can not send a personal email to the airline requesting this email or upgrade. 
  • If you win the bidding, you will be notified via email, and your ticket will be updated. 
  • If you don't win the bidding, the airline will notify you up to 48 hours before the scheduled take-off. 
  • After losing the bid, the airline will not withdraw any amount, and no action will follow the credit card details you gave. 
  • Once you lose the bid, you must board the flight as per the original itinerary. 

How Can I upgrade my flight after booking

If you look at the procedure carefully, you will find that you can only bid for the upgrade once you've booked a ticket with the Japan Airline. You reserve your seat, then based on the eligibility, the airline contacts you, and then you bid for the upgrade sent through the official website.

You book your seat, and then you can access the process to upgrade your seat. So, yes, you can upgrade your flight after booking. 

How do I pay for a JAL upgrade?

In the airline industry, there are mainly two ways of upgrading a service; one is the usual way where people do this on their own, and the other is the bidding process. In cases where the bidding system is followed, you are free to decide how much you are willing to pay. Hence, there is no fixed charge for seat upgrading in this case. So you can choose how much you wish to pay for the service. 

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