How do you upgrade on LATAM?

How to get upgrade on LATAM flight?

If you have booked a LATAM flight but you are not satisfied with your traveling option call 1-802-308-3150, then you can upgrade your flight any time after making the flight reservation up to 48 hours before flight departure. Customers can use the following LATAM Airlines upgrade options:

Premium economy :

  • They offer exclusive preferential services to travelers.
  • It is generally preferred by people traveling for business trips 
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Spacious seats.
  • Customers can access VIP lounges on international trips.

Premium Business:

  • Customers can relax in their reclined seats and turn them into flat beds. 
  • Passengers can also enjoy a delicious menu prepared by famous chefs.
  • They are provided with the facility of priority check-in and boarding.
  • LATAM provides upgrades on all its flights to customers who purchase plus or top-fare tickets.

How much should I offer for LATAM upgrade?

Customers need to pay courtesy segments to upgrade their LATTAM airlines flight. Customers only need one segment for each flight. 

Different elite members need a different number of courtesy segments depending upon the distance of their journey. Refer to the brief overview given below:

  • For gold members: for south America 4 segments
  • For Gold Plus members:  for South America 6 segments.
  • For platinum members: for south America 8 and outside south America 2 segments
  • For black elite members: unlimited and outside south America 8 segments
  • For black signature elite members: unlimited and outside south America 10 segments

All options to upgrade LATAM flight

Flight upgrade by bidding: People need to pay an additional amount to travel into another cabin. Payments made will only be processed after your bid is accepted. Customers can bid from 10 days up to 12 hours before the flight departure.

Instant flight upgrade: For this option, a fixed amount is to be paid to the airlines to secure the cabin instantly. For this option, bids are acceptable from 14 days to 12 hours before flight take-off. 

Flight upgrade with coupons: Any passenger who possesses coupons or travel vouchers earned according to their membership ranking can apply those coupons from 48 hours up to 12 hours before flight departure for a flight upgrade.

How do I upgrade to business in LATAM?

If you wish to upgrade your LATAM flight to your destination, then you are required to follow below mentioned LATAM airlines upgrade steps carefully:

  • Initialize the procedure by visiting the official LATAM Airlines website via your browser or call 1-802-308-3150.
  • To continue using websites, you must select your language according to our country.
  • If you are an existing LATAM account holder, log into your account using your credentials.
  • Scroll to the extreme bottom of the page and tap on the option of "LATAM Experience" followed by "prepare my trips."
  • Now choose the option of "cabin upgrade."
  • Tap on "make a bid" to secure an upgrade instantly.
  • Enter the passenger's reservation code and last name and click on the enter button.
  • Once you get your reserved ticket, choose the preferred upgrade option, apply coupons if you have any, and press the confirmation checkbox.
  • Finally, you must click the submit button to end the procedure.
  • You will be updated about the same on your registered email address.

How Can I upgrade my Economy ticket in LATAM?

Customers are eligible to upgrade their Economy ticket by below mentioned LATAM airlines upgrade policies:

  • Customers can make changes in the same cabin by spending no additional cost.
  • Customers can upgrade to premium economy or premium business only when the seats are available.
  • The LATAM cabin upgrade option is only available for the LATAM Pass program members.
  • Customers must apply their Elite member vouchers or their LATAM Pass Miles to apply for an upgrade.
  • Customers can only upgrade by visiting the official website and only for the available routes.

Upgrade by reaching customer care service: Passengers must also upgrade their cabin by contacting the customer care services of LATAM airlines. The best medium to use this option is via phone number. Customer must use the official LATAM airlines number: 1(866) 435-9526

Once the call gets connected to a computer-generated voice, they need to press one of the options from the available IVR menu to connect to the corresponding person to make the desired changes.

Is it cheaper to pay for an upgrade at the airport?

Sometimes some of the seats of the superior class remain vacant, so they are available at the airport at lower prices. This situation occurs very rarely. The chances of securing your preferred seat option at the airport are very less. So customers must refrain from purchasing the tickets at the last moment at the airport.

When will you know about your upgrade?

If luck is in your favor, then you will be notified about the upgrade via email 12 hours before your flight departure Or maybe at the airport. Your elite status & time you applied will decide your priority. Travelers must note that after your upgrade is confirmed, you cannot make any changes or request a refund.

What is the cabin upgrade application priorities?

Following are the available LATAM airlines upgrade priorities of the elite members.

  • Gold
  • Gold Plus
  • Platinum
  • Black
  • Black signature

What are Courtesy segments for passengers who want a cabin upgrade with a travel companion?

  • For gold members: for south America 4 segments
  • For Gold Plus members:  for South America 6 segments.
  • For platinum members: for South America, 8 segments.
  • For black elite members: unlimited and 4 for companions. 
  • For black signature elite members: unlimited & 6 for companions.
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