How do I get refund from Qantas Airlines?

How do I get refund from Qantas Airlines?

Qantas Airlines does accept refund requests from its consumers in various scenarios. Any traveler is eligible for a refund according to various rules made by airlines. The refund is as important as any other service and airlines take refund related issues seriously. So if there is any query related to it any traveler can go through the various options provided by the airline. One can get refunds from Qantas primarily through three ways, each of which is as given below.

Via Qantas Website’s “Manage Booking” tab:

A refund is possible on confirmed cancellations, and anyone who hasn’t yet canceled their flight can use this method to get a refund.

  • As the title says, one must get on the Qantas Airlines homepage and then click on the “Manage Booking” tab.
  • Next, use the flight reservation details to search for the concerned flight and wait for the browser to load a new web page.
  • The new web page will show the flight itinerary associated with the ticket, and one can click “Cancel flight” to start the flight cancellation.
  • Confirm and pay the cancelation charges if the webpage prompts any.
  • This portal will also brandish an option to raise the refund on the reservation if eligible.

Via Refund request form:

The Qantas Airlines website also has the option of filing a refund request form and submitting it to get a refund claim raised. The form is available on the “Help and Support” webpage of Qantas, and one can get to this page by using an option by the same name at the Qantas Homepage’s end.

Via Customer Support:

The Qantas Customer care team's Contact details are on the Qantas Contact Support page.

  • To get to the cited page, click on the “Help and Support” at the bottom of the Qantas Homepage.
  • Next, wait for the browser to load a new web page and select the “Contact Us” option to get to the Qantas Contact Support page.
  • Various helplines will be available here, and one can dial the appropriate number to get to a live agent at Qantas to get help on getting a refund.

How long are Qantas refunds taking? 

  • Qantas refunds take 7-21 days to show up in the bank accounts from the day of raising the refund.
  • Those who used a credit or debit card can expect a quick refund within 7-10 days.
  • An email is also sent to the user’s email to notify them about the success of the ticket cancellation. This email also contains a refund request link if eligible, and this link can be clicked upon to ask for a refund.

Are Qantas giving refunds for Cancelled flights? 

Qantas is giving refunds for flights that were canceled by the airline. Any involuntary flight cancellation, like the recent cancellations of Covid, allows the Qantas passengers to get complete refunds on their reservations, regardless of the ticket fare and type.

Does Qantas have to give a refund?

Qantas Airlines gives refunds in selected cases. The cancellations made within 24 hours of the booking or any involuntary cancellation will make their owners entitled to get a refund from the airline.

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