How do I get a callback from Turkish airlines?

How do I get a callback from Turkish airlines?

Suppose on the last day of your flight departure, you forget to add extra luggage when you are trying to do it. The server is showing a failed transaction, but you really need to add the extra baggage, and when you are calling, then it is not connecting with the executive. The phone is cutting again and again. If this is happening to you, then you can use the callback option of Turkish Airlines to get a callback. It can be the best option if you are willing to get in touch with a human at Turkish Airlines.

How do I request a callback from Turkish airlines?

If you are confused if you can use Turkish Airlines' callback or not, do not worry. Everyone can use this callback option. If you are worried about the procedure, then you can read the following procedure below.

Callback via phone call: you can request a Turkish Airlines callback by phone call. If you want to learn that procedure, you can read the below-mentioned points.

  • You need to make a phone call on the number 080005 01565.
  • Then choose your preferred IVR language by pressing 1.
  • And after that, listen to the IVR instructions. 
  • Then press key 2 for seat selection
  • Press key 3 for cancellations-related queries. 
  • Press 4 for flight change-related queries.  
  • When the assistant will ask you if you want a callback.
  • You can press key seven, which is entitled to the callback. 
  • You will get a call from the representative within 24 hours or the time that you give them.

Callback via online mood: to request a Turkish Airlines callback, you can use the live chat option of the Airline, as it can be a time-saving process for you. 

Here is how you can do it.

  • Make a visit to the official website of the Turkish Airline. 
  • Then you need to pick the contact choice in order to make your register
  • Then select the submit option. 
  • You need to give them a number on which you want a callback. 
  • Then go to the callback criteria and click on it.
  • You can also give them your preferred time and date on which you want a callback. 
  • The Turkish Airline agent will call you back at your preferred time and date.

Schedule Callback via Email: you can also use the Email section to get a Turkish Airlines callback. To send an Email, write this email address and then in the compose mail option, write your query or tell them that you want a callback from the agent, as you can reach out on the normal call. You can note your preferred time and date as this provides comfort to you and your agent.

Via social media: social media can also be used to send a query or to get a callback from Turkish Airlines. Social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a vast influence on people nowadays. They are making reels, posting photos, and earning a lot of money from social media. To request a callback on social media, you can read the below procedure.

  • Go to the social media handle of Turkish Airlines. 
  • And then, you will find a chat option on their profile. 
  • Click on that option and type your query.
  • You need to type the number on which you want a callback. 
  • Then click on the send button.
  • You will get a callback from the agent at your preferred time or three-four days after the request.
  • There are some points that you should consider if you are requesting a callback from the Turkish Airline.
  • You need to send your callback request during customer hours only.  
  • If you are a frequent flyer, then always use the registered number to get a callback. 
  • Do not send requests unnecessarily, and Consider the callback service for genuine queries only. 
  • You have to provide a callback time on which you can travel freely with the Turkish agent. 
  • You need to give them one or two days after the timing to get a callback.

How do I reschedule my Call with Turkish Airlines?

If you are willing to request a callback from Turkish Airlines, then there are some policies that you need to learn for better understanding. So, The Turkish Airlines callback policies are:

  • A passenger can make a callback request during the calling hours; otherwise, they won't receive your request. 
  • If you are a frequent flyer, then most of the preference will be given to you.
  • Passengers will get an assistant on their preferred time and date.
  • If you missed the call from the agent after requesting due to some reason, then you need to request again by the same process. The assistant will not call you again if it is not done.

How much do I have to wait to get a callback from Turkish?

If you have applied for a Turkish Airline callback, then the agent will call you at your preferred time and date. It is preferred that a passenger must choose a time of two to three days after the request because Turkish is a big Airline then it might be possible that you will find the customer service busy. If you do not give them time according to you, then generally they will call you three days after the request, but sometimes it can be late but be patient so that you will get a callback soon. 

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