How do I callback Korean Air?

How Do I Get a Callback from Korean Air? 

To get a callback from the customer service team of Korean Air, there are several modes through which you can successfully place a request with the team. There are various options available.

How do I request a callback from Korean airlines?

For several reasons, you can choose to request a callback from the team. To place a request, you can choose to give a call and then do the same. With busy lines over the call process, you can choose to get a callback to get an immediate response with a callback. To place a request, you can follow the steps that are explained below. 

But before that, you must first make a call to them at 1 (800) 438-5000. Then, go through their IVR process, after which you can get a Korean air callback by communicating with an executive. If the call line is busy, you can choose to skip the same and then wait for the other IVR. The other IVR is as follows:

  • Press 9 to get a callback. 
  • Press 0 to skip the call. 
  • Press # to wait for more. 

Enter as per your requirement, and then an executive shall connect with you to help you with the query.

Get Korean Air Callback via request form

You can choose to place a callback request through their callback forms which are available on their contact page. To reach out to the same and receive a Korean air callback, you can go through the ways explained below in the procedure:

  • Pop out to the official website of Korean Air, 
  • Then, from the help option, tap on customer support. 
  • This will forward you to a new page. On this page, scroll to the form section. 
  • Here you will get different forms; tap on the callback form. 
  • Enter the required details, and then submit the same. 
  • The executive from the team will review your form and accordingly shall call you to help you with the raised query. 

Schedule Korean Air Callback via Email 

You can also get a callback from the team through email method. All you need to do is, you will have to draft an email explaining your query and the reason for the callback. Then, submit the same at their official website through, which you can get through their team. The official email address is You can get through the team to get a Korean air callback. Email is the best method through which you can get through and get a callback from the team for the raised query. Email is one of the best modes for the same. 

Arrange Korean Air Callback via Chat 

Other than the call process, you can also choose to get a callback through the live chat mode. From the help page of the airline, tap on the live chat mode; then, you can get on to chat with an agent from the team who will help you with the request for a callback. The team shall, on your request, give you a callback so that you can get a solution for the raised query. 

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