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How do I contact SAS Airlines San Francisco International Airport phone number?

How do I contact SAS Airlines San Francisco International Airport phone number?

SAS San Francisco Airport is rated as one of the best airports per its Airport facilities, staff service, and hygiene. Also, they provide all the basic facilities to their travelers, like a phone area, free wifi access, and many more. So, suppose you are leaving for the Airport. In that case, it is important to make a checklist. If you have any queries, use SAS Airlines San Francisco International Airport phone number to connect with the Airport agent at SAS., or you can read the information below to connect with the Airport's agent.

How do I contact SFO airport?

Use the Airport phone number to connect with them, and they will answer you all about your and help you to get a solution. To call, you need to use the number 011 4351 3202, and experts will connect with you and provide you with a solution. 

SAS Airlines San Francisco International Airport Office

Airport name

 San Francisco International Airport

Airport Address

 SFO Airport Control Tower · SFO Terminal 3

Airport Code


Airport Contact  number

 (973) 961-6000

Working Hours

 10.00 - 60.00 (24 hours)

Airport Official Website


Airport Official Email


flight status check


Online check-in


Manage Booking


Airport Terminal

 International Terminal G

Working hours: The SAS services in San Francisco are open 24/7. You can contact them anytime, and they will provide a better solution to your problem.

Flight status: For passengers whose flights are on hold and who want to check their flight status, they can check their flight status directly by clicking on the link mentioned below. https://www.flysas.com/travel/flightstatus/

Baggage services: Suppose your baggage exceeds the limit of the decided baggage and all the things you are carrying with you are essentials. Now regarding this, you won't connect with the baggage customer service of SAS at San Francisco Airport. So, to contact us, choose any of the ways below.

Inquiries for baggage: https://www.flysas.com/us-en/travel-info/baggage/

Baggage lost and found: https://www.flysas.com/us-en/customer-service/lost-found/

Email your query: you can also send your queries through Email to the customer service of SAS to Email, you need to use the mail address that is groupsales@sasair.com. You will get a reply within 14 business days.

Connect through social media: you can also take the help of the social media handles of SAS to send your queries. Someone from the social media team will connect with you and reply to you with their best resources. From social media, travelers can get information for SAS Airlines San Francisco International Airport phone numbers easily.

What terminal is SAS in SFO airport?

SAS uses terminal IN, which stands for Terminal International, to operate its flight from SAS. But it is preferred to double your terminal because sometimes, due to any reason, the Airport changes the terminal too. So, contact the Airport authorities before departure.

 San Francisco International Airport policy, rules & regulations  

  • If you are carrying a laptop with you, then it is suggested to put it in a different bag to avoid any mishaps. 
  • Passengers who carry liquid, aerosols, or gel are required to put all the liquids in a zip-top bag. 
  • You are suggested to arrive early at the Airport for international at least 3 hours before the departure and for domestic 2 hours before the departure.
  • Passengers need to read the baggage policy thoroughly.
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