How do I contact Qantas Australia?

How do I contact Qantas Australia?

Qantas Airlines provides customer care through various means, and one of them is the voice support department which can be reached using dedicated helplines. One can get these helplines on the official Qantas website.

  • Once on the homepage of Qantas Airlines, keep on scrolling down to the bottom of the page and click on “Help and Support.”
  • The browser will take the user to a new webpage with numerous options to choose from, but finds and clicks on “Contact Us.”
  • Wait for the contact details of Qantas Airlines to show up, and then select the appropriate contact number.
  • Dial the helpline suitable for one’s current geographical location to get to the Qantas voice representative. For customers in America, one can dial the helpline contact: +1 1800 227 4500 Qantas Australia to get to the Live Agent.

How do I speak to someone at Qantas in Australia? 

Qantas has an admirable setup of customer service, which uses multiple channels to let their consumers efficiently get to them.

  • One can call Qantas by using the various helplines listed on the Qantas Contact Support page, each for a separate Qantas voice team for different parts of the globe.
  • Those who seek this page can click on “Help and Support” on the Qantas homepage’s bottom and then look for the “Contact Us” option on the next webpage.
  • One can choose the appropriate phone number and dial it to get to the Qantas voice support. Consumers in Australia can call Qantas on: 13 13 13 to talk to a Qantas agent.
  • Alternatively, one can use the Qantas live Chat service from 7 AM to 7 PM AEST throughout the week. The link for the live chat service is “” and one can click on it to get to the chat support page.

Can Qantas call back? 

Qantas Airways has begun the callback service, which allows its consumers to request a callback from a Qantas representative instead of waiting on a phone call to connect to its customer service. 

  • This option allows hassle-free service according to the dictates of the consumer, as permitted by their schedule. 
  • One can request a call back from the Qantas support by getting on their official homepage and clicking on “Help and Support” at the page’s end. 
  • Once the browser opens a new page, click on “Request Callback” and fill in the details on the callback form as required. A Qantas agent will get back to you at the appointed time.

How long does it take to get through to Qantas?

The time it takes to get through to Qantas Airways is a mixed affair which depends on the occasion and time of the year one is trying to reach Qantas. The highest call volume is during the festival season, and due to the recent Covid pandemic, several flight cancellations, queries, and refunds are being processed, and the wait time is from 30 mins to 50 mins before one gets their call answered by a Qantas agent.

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