Portland International Airport phone number

Portland International Airport phone number

The Portland International Airport is a joint civil-military airport in the state of Oregon. As this airport is the largest one in Oregon, it accounts for 95% of air travel. If you are about to travel to Portland, then the chances that you will land at this airport are very high. If you wish to contact the airline for assistance for future or past travel, then this article will help you with all the details you need.

From Portland International Airport phone number, email address, and postal address to covid requirements, you will find every bit of information here.

PDX Contact Process (Online and Offline)

Whenever you look to get contact details for an organization, you need to start the process from an authentic place, and this is always the official website for the organization. So begin by loading flypdx.com on your search tool.

  1. Go to the bottom of the flypdx page and locate the ‘Contact Us’ column. There are two toll-free numbers and one number to call and send texts only. If these work in your favor, then well and good; if not, move to the next point.
  2. In the same column above the numbers, you will see the link saying ‘ Information & FAQs’; open this.
  3. You will see two columns on the new page, ‘PDX Customer Service’ and ‘Lost Something?’. You can decide which category your query falls under and move forward.
  4. The first option has a Portland International Airport phone number for both calling and texting and a ‘Visual Paging’ option. Choose whichever suits you the best. 
  5. The lost and found department number is only available for calling and not texting. Below the number, you will find a ‘Submit a Police Report’ option. If you have lost any of the valuable items or your luggage at the airport, you might need to submit a police report regarding the same. 
  6. Below the FAQ section, you will see multiple helpline numbers for different categories. These categories include numbers for general customer services, paging facility, lost and found, airport security department, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinator, parking, ground transportation, global entry office, and TSA check-point operations. Apart from this, you also have another list of Portland International Airport phone number related to general aviation.
  7. You also have the facility to send an email below the numbers list. This is the best way to connect with the airport online.
  8. To connect with the airport offline, you will have to visit the airport or send them a mail. The ticketing counter is open 24*7, and the address is mentioned in the same area, right next to ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the page. 

Do I need a Covid test to fly from PDX?

With the pandemic sweeping the nations across the globe, the airport has made specific mandatory rules which every individual should follow. These mandatory rules state,

  1. All the passengers above the age of two need to provide a negative covid-19 test report at the time of boarding the flight.
  2. Passengers need to get tested at least three days before they are due to fly from the airport.
  3. Passengers who are vaccinated also need to produce a negative covid-19 test before they can board for a flight.
  4. You don’t need a vaccination proof card to arrive at the airport, but some destinations require a vaccination card on landing; please connect with the airline you are traveling with to know more about the same.
  5. You do not need to quarantine yourself once you land at the airport.
  6. Other policies like mandatory mask usage and health screenings at the airport will change and adapt as per the changing conditions of the pandemic.

Passengers facing issues with a flight or related queries should get in touch with the respective airline support team. You will get all the answers related to airport facilities and rules through the airport support team only. Please do not engage with other agencies to resolve your airport-related issues.

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