How do I contact Narita Airport Japan? 

How do I contact Narita Airport?

If you have any airport-related issues, you can contact Narita airport anytime. Besides remembering flight arrival or departure-related issues, you must contact the airline directly. If you need instant help with airport-related issues, you can call the Narita international airport phone number and speak to the airport representative anytime. Follow the procedure below to connect with Narita airport representatives over the phone.

  • Dial the Narita airport customer care number 0476 34 8000
  • You can choose the language once the call gets connected 
  • Now follow the IVR carefully and choose the department you wish to connect
  • Then select the type of queries from the IVR instructions 
  • Soon you get a live agent option on call; go with that 
  • Wait on the call, and when the Live agent is available, take your time and speak about the concern

You can call the Narita airport at 0476 34 8000 if you have any urgent queries. However, other contact options are also available, which you can opt to connect to the airport. The options are given below; you can go through these and stay up to date.

Services offered by Narita Airport customer support

Via inquiry form:

  • Visit the official site of Narita and locate the inquiry form available on the page
  • Open the form, fill in the details, include: name, age, area, flight number, email address, etc
  • Accept the terms and conditions at the end of the form and click on confirm entry
  • The Narita team will then review the form, and if necessary, they will call you back with the best solutions.

Social Media:

  • You can find the Narita airport team on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • To connect to airlines on these platforms, you can follow the links available on the website and share direct messages anytime. You can also tag the Narita airport on Twitter to get the best reply.

Is Narita open 24 hours?

Yes, Narita airport is open 24 hours so that passengers who transit overnight go out of the transit area and pass through immigration and customs to japan.

Which terminal in Narita Airport is international?

Terminal 1 is an international airport in Narita. If you are flying internationally, you can proceed to terminal 1. It uses a satellite terminal, and the design is divided into North wings, a center building, and a south wing.

Do I have to go through customs for a connecting flight in Japan?

When connecting on international flights, passengers don't need to undergo the immigration procedure if they are not leaving the departure area until the next flight. If you wish to leave the departure area to meet someone or go outside for other purposes, you might need to go through the immigration p process.

You might also require a Visa in certain cases. Moreover, if you are unsure, you can directly phone the Narita international airport phone number or the immigration bureau. Moreover, check out Narita airport rules and regulations below for additional information.

Narita airport international - Rules and regulations

  • The Narita airport authority divides your luggage into two main categories; carry-on and checked baggage. To prevent hijacking, you must go through the security screening on carry-on to ensure that items that can be used as weapons are not there.
  • Your checked baggage should also go through the security screening to ensure you don't have explosives or other items that are prohibited from transporting.
  • Per the rule, items that can be used as weapons like knives, air guns, and other similar items are not allowed. However, you can keep these items in the checked baggage.
  • Restrictions are applied for carry-on liquids at screening areas for international flights.
  • If you carry liquid in access, you must dispose of it at the security check.
  • The carry-on liquids restriction applies to liquors, perfumes, and duty-free items.
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