How do I contact Japan Airlines Tokyo Airport office phone number?

How do I contact Japan Airlines Tokyo Airport office phone number?

Haneda Airport, officially known as Tokyo International Airport, provides unique and elegant facilities for flight booking, check-in, and other essential services at any time. It is one of the two airports serving the greater Tokyo area, and the other is Narita International Airport; find relevant assistance to make your flight journey more convenient. You need essential information about Tokyo Airport before reaching this encouraging place. Wear absolute confidence to connect with a live representative for the support you need at the airport before you fly somewhere with Japan Airlines.

How do I contact Tokyo Haneda Airport?

While making a travel plan from Tokyo City with Japan Airlines, you must reach Tokyo's main airport, Haneda Airport. It is much closer to Tokyo City, and if you stay in a hotel, you can get to this airport anytime. Collect some necessary information about Tokyo Airport, dial Japan Airlines Tokyo office phone number at +81 3-5757-8111 @Haneda, and share your concern to get the answer from a real person who remains responsible to assist you quickly.

Get the contact option to connect with a real person for brilliant services at the airport at any time.

Use a phone call service: When you wish to share your important concern to get the answer on time, you can use a Japan Airlines Tokyo office phone number and securely share your travel concern to get the answer at any time.

Use an email service: Share your concern using an email service; you must send your concern to the Email address of Tokyo Airport,, and wait for the answer at the right time.

Use an official website: Contact Tokyo Airport for flight booking services and other facilities using a website link and find relevant support at any time.    

Use text message: You can download an application of the Tokyo Airport and get the text message service and share your queries to solve online at the airport at any time from anywhere.

Japan Airlines Tokyo Airport office details (Haneda)

Main Tokyo Airport’s name: Haneda Airport

Other Tokyo’ Airports: Kansai International Airport is the larger and it is the international hub for travel to Osaka, Kyoto, and other destinations.

Japan Airlines Tokyo Airport phone number: +81 3 5757 8111

Tokyo Airport’s Office address: It is Hanedakuko, Ota City, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan.

Its code number: HND, RJTT.

It is serving: Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

Terminal of Japan Airline at Tokyo Airport: JAL serves international flights to depart and arrive from terminal 2 at Tokyo Airport.

The largest terminal: Terminal 1 stands for the largest terminal at Narita International Airport.

Terminal facilities at Tokyo Airport: You can exchange money, get delicious food, shopping, Luggage, and other desired services you will find easily.

Airport facilities: Experience the best conference, business, communication, and disabled facilities and get the car rental and parking service facilities at the airport smoothly.

Luggage delivery facility at the Tokyo Airport: After booking your order at the airport, the delivery driver will pick up your luggage to deliver at your home.

Baggage facilities and storage service: Yes.

Japan Airlines Tokyo Airport policy rules & regulations

Learn the policy while accessing Tokyo Airport.

  • Wear the facemask and pay attention to the flight schedule information.
  • Reach the airport within 2 hours for check-in and baggage service.
  • Security check-in is important while accessing the airport.
  • Show your essential documents before security check-in.
  • Be aware of the baggage regulation if you are traveling with a pet.
  • Prohibited items are not allowed, and for that, read the instruction at the airport.  
  • You must show your passport, e-ticket number, ticket’s paper copy, and other documents.
  • Carry-on baggage’s weight should not be up to 35 kg; its dimension should be not more than a Length of 56 cm, width of 45 cm, and height of 25 cm only.
  • Take your laptop out of the bag and adequately cooperate with the security check-in.
  • Remove your hat, belt, shoes, and other things while at security while accessing the airport.

If you are traveling with toxic gases, flammable gases, liquids, or compressed gasses, you can access the airport. You need to get complete information for the airport to access and catch your flight to fly to your required destination comfortably. 

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