Indianapolis international airport phone number

Indianapolis International Airport Phone Number

To contact the customer service of Indianapolis International Airport, passengers will search for a good process. Some modes can be helpful for travelers who are traveling from the Indianapolis International Airport and will definitely want to know about the services of the airport.

The easily searched sources and guides for the travelers are given in the below section

How do i contact Indianapolis international airport?

Call the airport service representative on their contact number: 

If there are any queries related to the airline or the parking facilities at the airport, passengers will definitely come up with the contacting queries. Those passengers can call Indianapolis International Airport on their official number. Indianapolis international airport phone number is readily available on the internet, and travelers have to call on (317) 487-9594. There will be different options on the menu when passengers call on the customer service number:

click on 0 to select the desired language.

Click on 1 to have information regarding the baggage policies.

Click on 2 to get the instructions about the check-in process.

Click on 3 to ask about the services the airport provides to travelers.

Click # to go to the previous option.

Click * to contact the human representative at Indianapolis Airport directly.

Mail to the Indianapolis International Airport: 

When there are any issues and travelers do not want to reach the customer service executive of Indianapolis International Airport, the passengers can send them a mail at their mailing address is 7800, Col. H. Weir. Cook Memorial, DR, Indianapolis, IN 46214. Send the mail to this address, and the customer service will reply to you with the answers you need about the airport.

Do you have to have a Covid test to fly out of Indianapolis Airport?

After the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the whole world, it has become mandatory for every traveler to see the protocol according to the needs of the airport and airline. If ravelers are traveling from the Indianapolis International Airport to any destination and they have questions on if they will need a Covid test or not. Yes, every passenger must get the following documentation required by the airport as well as the airline in which they are traveling:

Essential documents to travel from Indianapolis Airport:

  • It is necessary to carry out the negative RTP-CR test of Covid 19.
  • The certification of both the vaccination is also mandatory for the travelers. 
  • The test should be done 72 hours prior to the departure time of the airline. 

Do you have to wear a mask in the Indianapolis airport?

Yes, it is mandatory for every traveler who will board their flight from Indianapolis Airlines to wear marks the whole time. There are some more instructions and protocols that they have to follow before entering the airport:

Indianapolis Airport for Covid rules and regulations

Here are some points that passengers have to be clear about when traveling to any airport or airline. The tips are essential and are as follows:

  • Always wear a mask at the time of entering the airport, at the time of check-in, and during the boarding.
  • Always keep extra masks with yourself and keep changing them after every hour of wearing them.
  • Travelers are allowed to carry only surgical masks that are without the valve. 
  • Keep social distance from fellow travelers and the airport staff members at the time of check-in and boarding.
  • Do not move from your seats unnecessarily or communicate with your fellow passengers.
  • Keep in mind to sanitize yourself after touching anything that does not belong to you.
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