How do I claim a refund from Qantas?

How do I claim a refund from Qantas Airways

After canceling flight tickets, travelers expect the airline to provide them with a refund. Sometimes, when travelers are unfamiliar with the steps to claim a refund, they ask queries about How do I claim a refund from Qantas? When the travelers of Qantas cancel their flight tickets, they will need a refund from the airline. Qantas Airlines is an Australian airline with lots of travelers from all over the world. It permits its passengers to claim a refund for their flight tickets through the below-mentioned steps

Steps to request a Qantas refund claim

These points are specially for the flyers who are not aware of the refund process of Qantas Airlines. They can easily go through the ways mentioned in the below section:

  • Travelers first have to cancel their flight tickets through manage booking that they have reserved.
  • Once the flight tickets have been canceled, pay the cancellation charges or they will get deducted from the refunding money.
  • If the confirmation for the canceled flight tickets is sent to the travelers, they have to proceed to request a refund.
  • The travelers must click on the ‘refund link’ mentioned in the manage booking section.
  • An application will appear on the screen of the travelers, where they have to enter the information of the flight like last name, contact details, PNR number, and date of the scheduled flight of the traveler.
  • After which, they have to submit the application to the airline. If Qantas accepts the request of the travelers, they will give back the refund within seven business days.
  • They can also contact the travel agents and ask them to cancel the flight tickets and request a refund on their behalf.

Refund Claim Policies of Qantas

The travelers must follow the rules and regulations of the airline before claiming a refund. The policies of Qantas are as follows:

  • Make sure that the flight tickets are canceled by the airline before claiming a refund.
  • If travelers want a full refund from the airline, they must cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours of booking.
  • After the day of booking, travelers have to pay the cancellation charges to the airline that will be withdrawn from the refunding money of the travelers.
  • The refund will not take more than ten days to be credited into travelers’ accounts.
  • The tickets of Qantas Airlines should be refundable, unused, or unexpired to become eligible for the refund request. 
  • The cancellation charges are according to the type of flight tickets travelers have purchased. 

The points mentioned above are the ways that can guide and assist travelers who want to get a refund for Qantas flight tickets. For more details, contact the customer service executive of Qantas Airlines. 

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