How do I choose a seat on United Airlines?

United Airlines will provide the best possible seat option to travel comfortably and efficiently. Seat selection has been more accessible for you because you can apply for it anytime during reservation, check-in, and at the airport. Still, there are specific rules and policies for selecting seats to avoid making mistakes while grabbing your best seat according to your comfort. Before going for  United Airlines seat selection, you can run your eyes through below mentioned seat class types and their facilities, features, benefits, etc. Seat selection will be hassle-free because all the seats are categorized based on color.

United Airlines seat selection

You can apply for United Airlines seat selection at the time of reservation, check-in, and at last, when you are at the airport, but the best way to select a seat at the time of reservation is to follow the below-discussed method.

  • Open United Airlines.
  • After that, click on the booking tab.
  • Enter your details, and the page will show you the available flights based on your given details.
  • Select your flight from the list and tap on the seat map.
  • At last, select your seat from the map and click on confirm.
  • Finally, pay the price and get the confirmed ticket at your registered email. 

United Airlines Seat Classes

United basic economy, economy seats

  • You will get standard legroom and space.
  • On availability, you will assign seats located back of the plane or in the middle of the aircraft.
  • Seats are indicated as white with a black triangle on it in the seat map. 
  • The airline will assign preferred seating only if you have earned premier qualifying points.

United economy plus, premium economy seats

  • You will get extra legroom and space. 
  • You will be assigned seats at the front of the economy cabin.
  • Once you open the seat map, the seats are indicated as blue or purple. 
  • You can apply for premier qualifying points to select any seats at economy plus, premium economy, etc.
  • You will also receive In-seat power and complimentary alcoholic beverages for United Premium Plus (international flights only).

United First and Polaris seats

With a united first and united Polaris, you will get more legroom, spacious, and fully reclining seats to travel comfortably and efficiently.

  • You will be assigned seats at the front of the plane.
  • Seats are indicated as dark blue color on the seat map. 
  • You can select any seat to earn premier qualifying points and enjoy the journey.
  • You will receive In-seat power and complimentary alcoholic beverages.
  • The best part of United First and United Polaris is that you will receive refreshments, premium snacks, or full meal service. 
  • You will get access to premier services like priority check-in, security, and boarding at the airport. 
  • For United First and Polaris, you will receive reclining seats that can recline up to 6 feet, 6 inches into bed, with direct aisle access. 

United airline seat selection (Check-in)

You can choose your seat at check-in time; you need to visit the check-in tab and enter your booking reference number and last name. Now the page will display the seat map option, following which you can select your seat, and finally, you will get a boarding pass along with your seat number at your registered details.

United airline seat selection ( at the airport)

If you still need to select the seat at the time of booking and check, you can visit the counter where the live person will ask for the details on the basis that the respective person will assign a seat and give you the boarding pass.

Does United let you pick your seat for free?

According to United Airlines seat selection policy, selecting your seat at the time of flight booking may be accessible for you. Still, if you check in afterward, you need to pay the prices at the airport; you need to pay the fee for your chosen seat option and the service charge.

You can pick your seat or change your seat assignment in any class except for basic economy.

How much does it cost to choose seats on United Airlines?

There is no extra cost for seat selection you will be assigned a seat by the airline authority if you are unable to select a seat. Still, sometimes you need to have some comfort while traveling, so you wish to change your seat for that airline decided United Airlines seat selection fees that may vary based on class and routes you have chosen according to your schedule and convenience. If still you want a preferred seat it will cost you around 9 dollars each way. 

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