How do I change my flight date on ANA?

How do I change my flight date on ANA?

ANA airlines are one of the leading airlines in the world. The services of ANA make the passengers love their work, and they work with the only motive, which says that their passengers should leave the airport with utter satisfaction and be happy with the services of ANA airlines. 

If you are looking to change the initial date of your ANA flight or maybe wish to reschedule your ANA flight. But, you are left wondering; How do I change my flight date on ANA? Then, you should rest assured and follow the process mentioned below to change the flight date for your ticket.  

The process to change your ANA flight date. 

  • The preliminary step is to head over to the official website of the ANA airlines. 
  • Then, you will notice the option named “Manage my Bookings.” Click on the tab to search for your flights. 
  • Fill in the details, like your last name and your booking or reference id.
  • Then, press the “Submit.” button to locate your flight. 
  • Once located, you will see the option t edit your flight booking. 
  • You can edit whatever you wish to, whether your flight date or your travel destination.
  • Once the necessary changes are made, you should make the required payment relating to your flight change.
  • You can either refresh your page or wait for the confirmation mail to see the changes made in your flight. 

Therefore, the above is the answer to how do I change my flight date on ANA? And by following the steps, you can easily change the flight date of your flight ticket. However, it is very necessary to know the terms and conditions associated with changing your flight change. Popularly known as the ANA airline flight change policy. Refer to the highlights below to learn about the flight change policy of ANA airlines. 

ANA Airlines change date policy

  • As per the ANA airlines flight change policy, you can easily change your flight through the official webpage or by calling the customer care representative of ANA airlines. 
  • You can make any change in your flight within 24 hours of purchasing your flight tickets. All the changes you make in your flight within 24 hours will be free of cost. 
  • As per the flight change policy of ANA airlines, if you cancel your flight during the risk period, you will be levied with specific change charges. 
  • The flight change policy of ANA airlines suggests that the passengers should make a difference in the fare if they change their travel destination or reschedule their flight. 
  • If a passenger has purchased travel insurance, they can make at least three changes to their flight ticket. 
  • If the airlines reschedule the passenger’s flight, then ANA will take full responsibility to compensate the passengers. They will accommodate the passengers on the immediate flight or give them a refund if asked.

However, there are certainly other points that should be considered when you change your ANA airline flight. Nonetheless, you should know the answer to how do I change my flight date on ANA? If it is still unknown, then you should refer to the process of changing the flight mentioned above. Although the complimentary information is mentioned below; 

Other points to be considered when changing a flight. 

  • The important piece of advice is that the passengers are open to making changes to their flight tickets by calling the customer care representative of ANA airlines. 
  • If you wish to reschedule your flight, then you solid always consider the 24 hours flight change rule to get it done without investing anything.  
  • The reschedule of flight change due to serious issues like accident, illness, serious injury, or demise of a closed person will get you a waive of in your rescheduling charges by ANA airlines. 
  • You can contact the customer care desk at any time of the day to consult your problems and from wherever. 
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